7 Looks, 7 Days: What a Super Stylish Fitness Pro’s Wardrobe Looks Like Over a Week

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DaraHartman_workoutlooksWhat to wear to work out just isn't a problem for Dara Hartman.

The New York City fitness instructor, who teaches at a handful of top studios, has a locked-down look she calls "edgy and comfortable, tomboyish and sexy." And it inspires you to shop off her during classes, while she's inspiring you to work out harder. (Hey, we can multitask!)

Hartman's outfits take a slightly different shape when she's teaching at Brooklyn Bodyburn ("no pants that sheer out, we do a lot of squats"), rocking the bike at Cyc ("the one place I'd wear a sports bra without a tank"), or training clients at famed West Village club the DogPound (wearing dog tags, of course)—and she doesn't miss a day without getting her own workouts in. Think: MMA training, gloves on.

Although she sweats for a living, the crop-top obsessed 27-year-old Brooklynite always looks chic. So we followed Hartman for a week to see what her fitness wardrobe looks like over seven days... —Melisse Gelula

(Photos: Alisha Siegel)

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Teaching (and Taking Class) at Brooklyn Bodyburn

"I got really into working out five years ago. I was not in great shape, I couldn't do a push-up. I was working in a bar and getting home really late. Then a friend and I started meeting up for workouts at 5:00 a.m., right after work. We'd go to Bari and Barry's Bootcamp, and then I'd go back to bed...Keoni Hudoba [CYC creative director] recruited me for CYC and a Barry's trainer recommended I interview at Brooklyn Bodyburn when it opened. Now I'm involved in training roles at both brands CYC and Bodyburn. Keoni and Tracy [Carlinsky, Bodyburn's founder] really believed in me."

"You'll often see me in Nike Harem Pants. I have at least four pairs. Black, grey, capris... They're the perfect thing to throw on over tights after a workout or while teaching. I wear them everywhere. Not only are they super comfortable but I think they look cool."

Top - Lululemon Var-City Long Line Bra
Leggings - Nike Legendary Waves Tight
Pants - Nike 'Avant Move' Harem Pants
Kicks - Nike Blazer Snakeskin
Watch - Timex Ironman Sleek


dara-69D2A4413West Side Highway Run and HIIT Training

"Who doesn't want "some kale" printed leggings?! I love wearing my Michi Bionic Bra and Zara Terez leggings together. I bought these out of the window of [fitness fashion store] Bandier this spring and it was love at first sight! I dig the waistband and wild print of these capris, and the plunging mesh on the bra is striking but comfortable. I love the edgy versatility of Michi bras. They can be worn for a workout or a night out!"

Sports Bra - Michi Bionic Bra
Leggings - Zara Terez Some Kale Capri
Kicks - Nike Free Cross Training Shoe


dara-7-9D2A5198Teaching and Riding at CYC

"These buttery-soft Liquido leggings are the best. The waistband sits comfortably above the hip and doesn't dig into me, and the pattern pops and glows in the dark when we hit the studio black-light! This top is bad-ass elegant. It’s hard to put a shirt on over it. A spin class is the only place I’d just work out in a bra. When I’m teaching at CYC, I’ll put my hair up in a pony braid and wrap it into a crown."

Bra - Heroine Sport X Bra
Leggings - Liquido Pattern Leggings Sour Cherry
Kicks - Nike Blazer Snakeskin


Boxing, Muay Thai and MMA

"MMA is my secret obsession. I train religiously 4–5 times a week on my own. I like knowing how to defend myself and it’s different from other workouts I do. The kicks use your core so much and feel really bad-ass. I love my Hayabusa striking gloves. They even have a soft microfiber suede thumb for wiping sweat off my brow! Normally you wear shorts in the ring, but I'm not super into them."

Shirt - Koral Activewear Muscle Tank 
Bra - Alo Yoga Westerly Bra 
Leggings - Beyond Yoga Essential Legings
Gloves - Hayabusa Tokushu Boxing Gloves
Wraps - Ring To Cage


En Route to Class/Working Out/The Gym

"I'm in love with my Lululemon mesh-panel pant—they're sleek, edgy, fun, and comfortable. I like pairing these high-waisted tights with a crop top. (I'm usually in a crop top...I’m petite and I think they make me look longer and they’re fun.) I'll wear this outfit when I don’t want to bring two pairs of shoes in my giant, must-hold-everything, weighs 20-pounds bag. If plan to take a Barry’s Bootcamp class, go for a run, take Tone House, or train someone, this is my outfit."

Sports Bra - Nike Pro Indy
Top - American Apparel Loose Crop Tank
Leggings - Lululemon Hot to Street Tech Mesh Pant
Bag - Under Armour
Kicks - Nike Air Pegasus


dara-3-9D2A4434Training Clients and Lifting Weights at The Dogpound

"These dog tags and #Dogpound wrist bands are definitely my favorite part of this look. They're given to you when you become an official member. Usually I'll wear a black or grey shirt on top that's personalized and says "Pooh Bear" or "Baby Rhino" on the back (nicknames are big at the DP) and funky ankle-length pants. I tend to wear them more than capris."

Top - LNA Atlanta Cropped Tank
Leggings - HPE Snake Legging
Dogtags & Wristbands - The Dogpound


dara-2-Dara-Hartman-67Practicing Yoga and Meditation

"My Onzie capris are awesome. They're light, sweat-wicking, form-fitting, and have a unique print. I'll wear them for yoga or meditation. My boyfriend [DogPound founder Kirk Myers] and I do Kundalini together—we’ll have a Golden Bridge instructor to our place or go outside and do kriyas there. Or we'll head to Modo for a fun, bonding thing. I love aerobic sweaty. He loves Kundalini. Once you break through the weirdness of it, and see everything is paired with breathing; it helps with stress. My back tattoo is a poem written by my beautiful sister. We're 18-months apart and very close."

Sports bra - Lululemon Free To Be *Wild Bra
Top - Phat Bhudda John Tank
Leggings - Onzie Black Magic Capris
Top - American Apparel Loose Crop Tank


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