The 3 Best Wrist and Ankle Weights That’ll Help You Build Stronger Bones During Any Walk or Workout

If you've ever cycled through your bodyweight exercises and wished that there was some way to add a challenge without having to actually start lifting weights, there is a perfect solution for you: wrist and ankle weights.

Unlike dumbbells or kettlebells that you have to schlep around (and can stub your toe on), wrist and ankle can truly work with every type of workout that you're doing, from yoga to regular strength training exercises. (Can you say that about a kettlebell? Didn't think so!)

In fact, yoga instructor and founder of The Sweat Method Jess Penesso swears by these sleek pieces of fitness equipment, especially since everyone's been continuing to work out at home since the pandemic. "Wrist and ankle weights are so great to use right now, since many of us cannot get to a gym to lift weights," she says. Her fave ways to incorporate them? "I'm enjoying using them right now to target small muscle groups in my back for strengthening because I'm spending so much time at the computer." She also wears them throughout vinyasa yoga classes for added resistance, or slips on ankle weights for leg and glute exercises like fire hydrants and donkey kicks.

Just, ya know, expect more of a burn when you're rocking these weights. Keep scrolling to shop 'em for yourself.

The best wrist and ankle weights for any form of exercise

Vuori x BALA Bands — $55.00

This just in: San Diego-based, “California Cool” activewear powerhouse, Vuori, has officially teamed up with BALA, the leader of the chicest workout tools, to create a collaboration for the ultimate fashion-forward fitness enthusiast. The result? The beloved Bala bangles come to life in a signature Vuori colorway—dune—one of the most popular shades in the existing Vuori assortment and the perfect neutral complement to any activewear look. Bringing a constant but comfortable resistance to every workout, at home or on the go, the exclusive Vuori x BALA Bangles are ideal for everything from summer travel to year-round use.

bala bangles set of 2
Bala Bangles — $55.00

These basic Bala Bangles—which come in many other different colors, BTW—add an easy-to-slide-on one pound weight bracelet to both your ankles and wrists. They’re really comfortable, and made out of a good-looking, durable material.

P.volve Ankle Weights — $27.00

The best thing about P.Volve’s ankle weights? When you buy a set, it comes with a month of streaming so that you can use them in the studio’s signature sculpting workouts—a win-win.

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