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8 Wrist and Ankle Weights That Turn Any Workout up a Notch

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If you've ever cycled through your bodyweight exercises and wished that there was some way to add a challenge without having to actually start lifting weights, there is a perfect solution for you: wrist and ankle weights.

Unlike dumbbells or kettlebells that you have to schlep around (and can stub your toe on), wrist and ankle can truly work with every type of workout that you're doing, from yoga to regular strength training exercises. (Can you say that about a kettlebell? Didn't think so!) Yoga instructor and founder of The Sweat Method Jess Penesso swears by these sleek pieces of fitness equipment, especially since everyone's working out at home during the COVID-19 pandemic. "Wrist and ankle weights are so great to use right now, since many of us cannot get to a gym to lift weights," she says.

Her fave ways to incorporate them? "I'm enjoying using them right now to target small muscle groups in my back for strengthening because I'm spending so much time at the computer." She also wears them throughout vinyasa yoga classes for added resistance, or slips on ankle weights for leg and glute exercises like fire hydrants and donkey kicks. Just, ya know, expect more of a burn when you're rocking these weights. Keep scrolling to shop 'em for yourself.

Bala Bangles, $49

Photo: Bala Bangles

The sleek Bala Bangles—which come in different colors, BTW—add an easy-to-slide-on one pound weight bracelet to both your ankles and wrists. They're really comfortable, and made out of a good-looking, durable material.

Fila Adjustable Ankle Weights, $22

Photo: Fila

Fila makes 2.5-pound ankle weights (you can buy wrist weights that are two pounds each, or just use these for both) that velcro together to add resistance to your workouts.

TheraBand Weights, $24

Photo: TheraBand

Grab these plush ankle and wrist weight options from Amazon. The different colors stand for different weights to choose from: There are 2.5 pound, 1.5 pound, and one pound options that cater to all fitness levels.

Da Vinci Adjustable Ankle and Wrist Weights, $23

Photo: Da Vinci

The Da Vinci wrappable weights—which are adjustable—also come in a range of weights, ranging up to five pounds each. The soft cloth works to soak up your sweat as an added bonus.

TKO Wrist-Ankle Weights, $15

Photo: TKO

Another option you can snag off of Amazon? The TKO weights, which come in the low weight-range spectrum, and are made out of neoprene to stay put during exercise.

P.Volve Ankle Weights, $23

Photo: P.Volve

The best thing about P.Volve's ankle weights? When you buy a set, it comes with a month of streaming so that you can use them in the studio's signature sculpting workouts—a win-win.

Tone Fitness Ankle/Wrist Weights, $13

Photo: Tone Fitness

For a no-frills, subtle upgrade to your workouts, grab these simple Tone Fitness one-pound wrist and ankle weights. They're soft, stretchy, and can be used for all of your at-home exercises.

BalanceFrom GoFit Fully Adjustable Ankle/Wrist Weights, $21

Photo: BalanceFrom

Another wrist/ankle weight you can get off of Amazon? BalanceForm's adjustable wraps, which come in a range of weights, are soft and comfy, and work to level up your workouts.

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