The First-Ever Plant-Based Hard-Boiled Eggs Look and Taste Like the Real Deal

Photo: Crafty Counter WunderEggs
Consuming animal-based foods has a negative impact on the environment. But, various plant-based versions of such foods are helping to mitigate (or at least slow) the extent of the eco damage. The good news is that those animal-free alternatives are increasingly accessible to consumers. Case in point: You can order a plant-based burger at almost every major fast-food restaurant or a plant-milk latte at virtually any coffee shop.

The latest plant-based dupe to know about is WunderEggs, the first-ever hard-boiled “egg” to hit the market in the United States that looks and tastes just like a chicken egg. And regardless of whether you follow a vegan nutrition plan, they're worth including in your breakfast spread.

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Photo: Crafty Counter WunderEggs
WunderEggs, Pack of 6 — $45.00

Why WunderEggs are the next big thing in alternative egg innovation

Egg prices were up over 60 percent in recent months, following shortages due to the spread of the avian influenza virus, which started early last year. Though recent reports note egg prices have begun to dip, getting your hands on a carton (at least one that isn't impractically pricey) can still be a challenge—which is one reason egg alternatives can be a grocery godsend.

And for the folks who don't eat eggs in the first place, a rise in egg alternative products is also welcome. JUST Egg makes plant-based “eggs” in various forms like scrambled, folded, or sous vide bites. But for hard-boiled eggs, specifically, is where the new launch from WunderEggs comes into play.

The latest launch from Crafty Counter—an Austin, Texas-based, consumer packaged goods company founded in 2018 by Hema Reddy—WunderEggs are nut-based eggs that are free of seven of the top eight allergens (egg, wheat, soybean, peanut, shellfish, fish, dairy). What they do include are plant-based ingredients like cashews, almonds, and coconuts. And although they don’t pack as much protein as a chicken egg (usually six grams), there are three grams of protein per two piece-serving of WunderEggs, making them an effective way to support a plant-based lifestyle.

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Photo: Crafty Counter WunderEggs

They were also recently named the ‘Best New Meat or Dairy Alternative’ at the 2022 Expo West NEXTY Awards. Currently, WunderEggs are available at Whole Foods stores and online on the Crafty Counter website, but in 2023, the company plans to expand its line of plant-based egg offerings and sell at additional retailers.

I tried WunderEggs, and yes, they're egg-cellent

Based on appearances alone, it’s hard to tell the difference between a WunderEgg and a real chicken egg. WunderEggs are sold in a pack of six and are pre-cut down the middle, from end to end (think of how you would prepare when making deviled eggs). The “albumen” (egg whites) of the WunderEgg has the same sturdy, rubbery texture of a traditional hard-boiled egg. Meanwhile, the yolk is slightly powdery (like wet sand) and has a golden-yellow hue.

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Photo: Maki Yazawa

With regard to how WunderEggs really taste, I’ll break it down into two parts: the egg white and the yolk. The egg white has a neutral flavor profile with a mild hint of coconut and cashews. In terms of texture, it’s slightly gelatinous, but has a pleasant mouthfeel.

Moving on to the yolk, it easily disintegrates on the tongue and has a very mild herby aftertaste (likely from the rosemary extract on the ingredient list). When eaten together, it tastes similar to a chicken egg, yet has its own unique flavor profile that pairs well with just about any recipe that would call for a regular hard-boiled egg. It’s safe to say my mind was blown the first time I tried it.

IMO, hard-boiled eggs taste even better when paired with another tasty dish—like avo toast or a simple salad. This time around, I opted for the latter and served the WunderEggs on top of butter lettuce and drizzled it with Corto TRULY Extra Virgin Olive Oil, a squeeze of lemon, and 365 Everything Bagel Seasoning. It was: *chef’s kiss.*

An RD shares the benefits of eating eggs:

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