Try These 7 Super Simple Feng Shui Tips for a Better Night’s Sleep

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Getting a full eight hours is up there on the list of things that can make you a brighter, happier person (along with the promise of spring and a really luxe robe). But when the ZZZs don't come easily—no matter how many sheep you count or meditation sessions you attempt—it might be time to rethink the feng shui in your bedroom. It turns out, some pretty simple tweaks can have you living in full-blown Zen den.

"Feng shui helps create a space with healing and nurturing energy in one's bedroom, a space that promotes sleep and relaxation, as well as sexual and emotional healing,” says Rodika Tchi, a feng shui consultant based in Vancouver. "When a bedroom has good feng shui, the nervous system can relax and we enter into a place of love and safety, which are very important for a good night sleep.”

Keep reading for Tchi's feng shui tips for a sleep-inducing sanctuary.

Feng shui of bed
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Place your bed properly

When it comes to creating a feng shui friendly snooze space, Tchi says there’s one cardinal rule: Don’t sleep with your head under a window. She explains that your energy needs extra protection while you sleep, so you should place your bed against a wall with a solid headboard to support you. If moving your mattress is straight-up impossible (thanks, shoebox apartment), invest in sturdy window treatments to shield you from the outside world.

Unplug everything

You know to ditch your phone while sleeping, but Tchi suggests taking things one step further. "Let go of as many electrical appliances as possible, [because] high EMFs in the bedroom promote restless, unhealthy energy,” she says. In other words: no TVs, no computers, and as much natural light as possible.

Ditch your work at the door

According to Tchi, your bedroom should be used for for two things: sleeping and sex. That’s it. She says you shouldn't have any work-related materials or do any email reading in bed at all. Need a new routine? Try one of these wellness-approved nighttime or morning routines, instead of working in bed.

Let your room breathe
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Let your bedroom breathe

Sometime you just need to press Ctrl+Alt+Delete on the energy in a room. Tchi says that a simple way to do this is by opening your windows to let in some sunlight and a fresh breeze. You can also try "smudging" (burning sage in a space to clear out the stagnate vibes) or a diffuse essential oils to purify the air .

Choose your art carefully

"The wrong choice of colors, art, and materials can greatly disturb the nurturing energy one needs in order to sleep well,” says Tchi. She suggests steering clear of any “sad” or "aggressive” imagery and filling your walls with things that make you feel good, instead.

Keep the space under your bed completely clear

Monsters aren’t the only thing hiding under your bed and keeping you awake at night—your storage situation could be as well.  One of the main principles of feng shui is that Chi energy is able to circulate freely, so having a bunch of free weights and winter clothes piled up under your bed can prevent the energy from moving through the room the way it needs to. "If you sleep over clutter, your energy will get polluted, stale, and stuck," says Tchi.

Get rid of the extra stuff

Toss anything in your bedroom that is just taking up space. "Any item that does not express the energy of love and deep, healing relaxation does not belong in the bedroom,” says Tchi. Gone with the clutter, and on to sweet dreams.

To up the ante on your most blissful bedroom yet, try decorating it in one of these Zen colors, and invest in some ultra-luxe linens. But... don't blame us if getting up for sunrise yoga suddenly seems a lot more difficult. 

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