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7 Top-Rated Silk Pillowcases on Amazon That Give “Beauty Sleep” a New Meaning

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Photo: Stocksy/Treasures Travels

There are an infinite number of micro-improvements you can make to your bedroom (hello, plants!) and sleep situation at any given time to create a space of complete and utter serenity. Swapping out your oversize tee for some loungewear, upgrading your duvet to a soft comforter, and hygge-ing every surface imaginable are just the beginning. One of the most substantial changes you can make, however, is moving on up to a silk pillowcase.

Not only will a smooth surface for your head perfectly complement your boudoir look, but it's also one of those products that anyone who tries it once swears by. The luxe texture is touted for its skin-saving powers, and because the material isn't super absorbent, it also has a reputation for locking in your hair's moisture. (That's right—goodbye, bed head!).

Keep reading for the highest-rated silk pillowcases on Amazon (whose customers incidentally seem to take their bedding pretty seriously, too).

Getting a good night's sleep isn't just about aesthetics; shut-eye can strengthen your relationship and keep your brain in tip-top shape.

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