The Best (and Cutest) Printed Workout Leggings for *Every* Personality Type

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As someone who likes to try out as many different workouts as humanly possible in the course of a given week, my leggings drawer is overflowing with what I like to call "options." Because I just can't (read: don't want to) wear the same muted tones to my neon lights-filled dance class as I do to my yoga studio—the horror.

While different workouts require different functionality from their leggings—for example, runners may want a pair with compression, while yogis need something with a whole lot of stretch—they also each demand a different type of swagger. You know how workouts all have their own level of BDE? Well, it's kind of like that.

And, sure—you can just pick out a black pair from the top of your pile and know that you'll look cool regardless of what class you're taking. But with spring right around the corner (I actually let out an audible "woohoo" as I typed that), basic black feels a little... boring. So, I've rounded up the best printed workout leggings for every single personality, including the "likes to sit at brunch in their workout leggings" kinda gal. Keep scrollin' for your workout drawer must-haves.

If you're a cardio dance class queen

best printed workout leggings
Photo: Adam Selman

Adam Selman French Cut Legging ($135)

A loud, high-energy workout deserves a loud, high-energy print to match. And what could feel better than shaking your booty than rocking a pair of leopard-print pants, care of Rihanna's favorite stylist?

If you're a barre class babe

best printed workout leggings
Photo: Varley

Varley Emerson Legging ($50)

Embrace your inner ballerina by thinking pink with a pair of petal-shaded leggings, like these from Varley, which you'll want to wear all spring long both inside and outside of the studio.

If you're the next Million Dollar Baby

Ultracor Ultra High Lux Knockout Legging ($198)

Boxers need leggings that are as badass as they are, and these "knockout" leggings fit the bill. Plus, I'm a big believer that wearing stars will make you feel like the star of the ring, which always helps.

If you live for a.m. Pilates

best printed workout leggings
Photo: Athleta

Athleta Salutation Zuma Stash Pocket 7/8 Tight In Powervita ($89)

Make those brightly-lit Pilates studio selfies even brighter with a pair of printed tighty-whities (leggings, that is), which will look endlessly chic with a white sports bra.

If HIIT classes are your favorite way to get your heart-rate going

best printed workout leggings
Photo: PE Nation

P.E. Nation Victory Running Legging ($105)

The idea of wearing a full-blown print may feel overwhelming to these straight-forward strength trainers, so try something more subtle a la P.E. Nation's side-printed pants.

If you're a yogi through and through

best printed workout leggings
Photo: Beach Riot

Beach Riot Lauren Legging ($69)

Get into the zen (and spring) spirit with a pair of leggings that will tell the entire world you've officially embraced your inner plant lady.

If you love logging miles

best printed workout leggings
Photo: Terez

Terez Black and White Glitter Performance Leggings ($78)

What's black and white and strong all over? You, sprinting down the sidewalk in these performance-friendly pups.

If you just really like wearing leggings

best printed workout leggings
Photo: Athleta

Athleta Tie Dye Salutation 7/8 Tight In Powervita ($40) 

Who says you need to hit up a sweat sesh to embrace the world of printed leggings? These tie-dye guys look just as cute with a side of gluten-free pancakes (hello, brunch) as they do on a yoga mat.

Leggings can actually tell you a lot about yourself—here's what your favorite pair might mean about your personality. And peep some of our favorite (seriously supportive) sports bras to wear them with for spring. 

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