The Symbolic Meaning of Crossing Paths With a Happy Little Bluebird

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If you’re like me, you’re always on the hunt for the hidden meanings in chance encounters. On my daily morning walks with my dog Cash, I’ve noticed that some birds make their presence known more than others, including cardinals and crows, among others. Recently, it seems like bluebirds are always along for the journey, whether they're flying overhead or perched perfectly on a branch in front of me as I stop to let Cash sniff around. Naturally, I’ve been wondering: what is the meaning of crossing paths with a bluebird? To find out, I chatted with celebrity psychic Inbaal Honigman and Psychic Reading Expert founder Christine Wallace. Keep reading to find out what they had to say. 

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The Symbolic Meaning of a Bluebird

According to Wallace, it’s a very good sign if a bluebird crosses your path. Much like red cardinals, the symbolic meaning of bluebirds runs deep. “Bluebirds are considered a good sign that good luck is just around the corner,” she says. “Usually, right after a time of tremendous difficulty, the bluebird comes to bring good fortune in all things such as love, money, healing, and happiness.”

On the happiness front, Honigman points out that the bluebird has been associated with joy, hope, and peace. “It's a friendly bird that doesn't display fear, and has a cheerful song, even when climates are inhospitable,” she shares. “The sky-blue color of its wings and the top of its head shows optimism- daybreak will come, even after the longest nights.”

A Message From Above

While many people believe bluebird sightings to be kismet, Wallace shares that some believe that the bluebird carries messages of positivity and hope from beyond the grave. 

“Some believe that the bluebird comes to say hello from heaven,” she says. “Family members who want to visit us can come as any living thing, but birds are known for bringing messages to us.” In that way, Wallace says that bluebirds are always the first to know something- whether from a loved one in another realm or from the universe itself. 

Bluebird Significance

Considering the universal bluebird meaning is one of optimism, Honigman says that bluebird sightings can (and should) be especially soothing. “If you're going through a difficult moment, uncertain how life would turn out, and you need a spiritual pick-me-up, look around for the friendly little bluebird,” she suggests. “When you see it, the bluebird brings positive news. Whether outdoors or at home, it tells you that any changes you agree to, have to be changes that prioritize your joy. There is no amount of money or status that can replace joy, and the bluebird is there to remind you of that.”

In that way, Honigman suggests that bluebird meaning can also incorporate one’s career. “Bluebirds have [historically] symbolized fertility, good crops, prosperity, and fortune,” Honigman says. “Nowadays, we can translate it as a different vision of wealth or security. Seeing bluebirds again and again would mean you're about to receive a great job offer, maybe a pay rise, your own business is about to find success, or even a [home] move to a larger property.”

With that in mind, let bluebird sightings be the positive boost you need to take the leap and switch companies, make the move, go out on your own, or even try a new career altogether. Whatever you choose, remember the bluebird’s innate meaning of happiness and be sure to follow your heart in the process. 

What To Do if You See a Bluebird

If you happen upon a bluebird, don’t let it flutter away without a second thought. Instead, take time to appreciate this beautiful bird and all the messages it carries with it. 

“Bluebirds symbolize joy,” Honigman reiterates. “Sometimes, in life, we need to choose something else over joy- be it for the benefit of someone else, or be it a 'grown up' pursuit like going to work at a boring job.” Whatever the case may be, Honigman says to let the presence of a bluebird remind you of the importance of your own joy. 

“Spiritually, the bluebird reminds you, that whatever choice you make, it has to have joy at the heart of it,” she explains. “If you're choosing your kids' joy over yours, you're not really benefiting anyone; your kids need a joyous parent. If you're choosing a well-paid job over one that brings you joy, you're choosing wrong. The well-paid one could bring with it expenses such as self-care funds to bring joy back into your life.” 

In short, bluebird meaning is centered on optimism and joy. “The bluebird reminds you that joy is what you're looking for, and that should guide all your life choices,” Honigman says.

All this to say, bluebird sightings are always something to take stock of. “Some birds can be a bad omen depending on the situation but never is a bluebird anything but positive,” Wallace says. “The bluebirds come to tell us to hang on, good fortune is very near.”

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