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This $10 Shampoo Strengthens Hair While Protecting It From One of Its Biggest Stressors

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Chat with any professional stylist about the best products for strengthening hair, and the word "Olaplex" will surely come up in conversation. Theoriginal bond-building treatment has wow'd pros, non-pros, and editors like us for nearly a decade, thanks to its proprietary technology that repairs hair from the inside out. Its shampoos, conditioners, styling products, and treatments really do work—if you're willing to shell out nearly $30 a bottle.

The affordable alternative? Climaplex, the British bond-building hair care line that just hit Target's shelves for $10 a pop. It's got everything you want in a strengthening shampoo—strand-supporting technology, natural ingredients, and professional seal of approval—packaged in a more eco-friendly bottle for a lot less than luxury brands.


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Climaplex's claim to fame is that it doesn't just build back those disulphide bonds that break down over time, it also protects against the environmental elements that break them down in the first place. (The "Clima" part of the brand's name is derived from the word "climate", aka, one of the biggest stressors on our tender tresses.) Things like air pollution, UV rays, heat, and even air conditioning can all wreak havoc on our hair, leading to common culprits like dryness, dullness, and breakage.

The solution comes from Climaplex's two-in-one system that restores and protects hair from the inside out. Every Climaplex product is formulated using the brand's proprietary Reparative Technology that "constructs broken disulphide bonds and rebuilds the outer layer of the cuticle to maintain hair’s natural structure and hydration levels," according to the website. This is also what protects hair from those pesky environmental stressors: added moisture gives both the hair and scalp a boost against dry heat and air conditioning, while nourishment from vitamins beef the hair up against UV rays and sun exposure. Pollution, chemicals, excessive heat use—hair is healthy enough to handle it all.

Now, Climaplex also recognizes that most of these hair-threatening free radicals and environmental stressors unfortunately come from a rapidly depleting climate. Which is why the brand has consciously made a product that offsets its carboon footprint over traditional, less sustainable formulations and packaging.

All Climaplex products are 97 percent natural, mixed using earth-friendly ingredients that hair naturally loves. Indulgent coconut and shea oil, hydrating aloe vera, nourishing vitamin E—all of these help give hair that oomph it needs to stay strong and healthy, sans the harsh, toxic synthetics. This is all packaged in recycled plastic packaging that can be recycled again once you're done. This means less plastic on the planet, which in turn, means less damage on your hair in the long run.

For $10 a bottle, you can skip the expensive salon brands and give your wallet some relief. There are two shampoo/conditioner combos to choose from: The Moisture & Repair Shampoo and Conditioner ($10), which is the brand's basic bond-building set (see the link above), and the Strength & Volume Shampoo and Conditioner ($10), which vamps locks up with a little more life. There are also three treatments—a styling spray, curl cream, and anti-frizz serum—to round-out your haircare routine, also priced at just $10 each. Whatever you choose, Climaplex lets you build back those bonds without breaking the bank (or the environment, for that matter.)

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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