Cross These Presents Most Likely to Be Purged Off Your Holiday Shopping List

Photo: Stocksy/Aleksandar Novoselski
Everyone has had that instant moment of regret after seeing someone's less-than-stellar, fake-excited response upon opening a gift you gave them. Sure, you may have been really pumped about that new activewear set—and even considered keeping it for yourself!—but you already know an "it-just-didn't-fit-right" excuse is in the near future. (Honestly, it's already giving me flashbacks to when my parents misheard my Backstreet Boys CD request for the Beastie Boys.) Now, if only there was an easy way to prevent the disappointment altogether....

This year, the online thrift store thredUP is saving you a whole lot of hassle (and money!) by releasing some insider intel on the most-purged holiday gifts. In January, the site sees a 60 percent increase in never-worn items for sale—that's approximately 250,000 new-with-tags additions, which are most likely things people got for the holidays and didn't want. Some of those items might not be too surprising with the number-one unwanted item being J.Crew cardigans, followed by ASOS maxi dresses, Banana Republic ruffle dresses, and Victoria's Secret swimsuits. But two popular wellness-y items also didn't make the cut: No one wanted Lululemon cutout shirts or Nike sneakers, either.

So, what should you be getting your friends and family this year? The brands with the least regret—also known as the items thredUP receives without the tags attached that people have already worn and loved—are from Everlane and the outdoors-centric company REI, as well as Citizens of Humanity and designers like Prada, Gucci, and Coach. But if you're still totally unsure what to buy, you could just stick with the things that are always a win: natural skincare, essential oils, and all the coolest tech. #NailedIt.

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