5 Crystals That Can Boost Your Workout—Plus 3 Ways to Rock Them

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Crystals—and the people who love them—have become pretty commonplace in our modern mystical era. (Show of hands if you're keeping crystals at your desk, around the house, and perhaps even in your makeup bag.) But we haven't fully tapped their high-vibe energy to supercharge our workouts or activewear, until now.

Turns out, there are a handful of stones—blue apatite, black onyx, bloodstone, tiger eye, and rutilated quartz—that can provide a serious metaphysical dose of fitspo, according to crystal expert Heather Askinosie, co-founder of the SoCal jewelry company Energy Muse and co-author of the forthcoming guidebook Crystal Muse: Everyday Rituals to Tune into the Real You

You could, of course, stick one in your sports bra (lots of women are doing this outside the gym), and by all means, consider packing a couple in your gym bag. But another way to channel their energy is through introducing their color palettes into your wardrobe—a woo-woo spin on chromotherapy, if you will. 

Here are five crystals to help power your workout—and how to tap their high-vibe hues for your activewear look.

Photos: Energy Muse

Blue apatite

Blue apatite is a cleansing, purifying crystal that shifts the body back into balance," says Askinosie. "It's a crystal that's often recommended to use in alignment with your health and fitness goals as it provides you with the motivation to stick to [them].”

Black onyx

"Black onyx is a protective stone that acts as a shield against negativity," explains the crystal pro. "Onyx also helps to enhance your endurance and persistence."


According to Askinosie, "Bloodstone works to promote and lengthen physical endurance. It has a long history of proving to be a gemstone of strength, courage, and vitality. Ancient Greek gladiators carried bloodstones, or had them embedded in their armor, as talismans of protection while fighting." 

Tiger eye

"Tiger Eye is a good luck stone: It promotes an energetic flow throughout the body," she says. "It's a gemstone of vitality, action, and success."

Rutilated quartz

"Rutilated Quartz is a healing stone that brings forth each person’s strengths and originality," offers Askinosie. "It's also believed to enhance creativity and strengthen your willpower."

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