When It Comes to Crystals, Does Size Matter?

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Have you ever wondered whether the tiny black tourmaline you keep at your desk is too small to have any real protective-healing powers? Would you be better off spending your entire tax refund on a larger-than-life geode?

Well, it's time to put on your energy-healing Carrie Bradshaw thinking cap and answer an important question: When it comes to crystals, does size matter?

Here's a guide to getting the most from your crystals, big and small.

Attraction is more important than size

Shiva Rose—the longtime holistic healer and author of a physical- and spiritual-wellness book Whole Beauty—says that in her experience, the size of a crystal is not crucial. "If you are drawn to five small rose quartz ones, then those are best for you. Creating a relationship with them is a lot about how they make you feel," she explains.

Whenever "you are visually drawn to a piece and the vibration aligns with your own, this is when all the healing takes place." —Megan McCulloch, founder and designer, Max & Vera

And Megan McCulloch, founder and designer of Max & Vera (the brand that makes those crystal bralettes), echoes that the size of a crystal doesn't impact its energy. Rather, whenever "you are visually drawn to a piece and the vibration aligns with your own, this is when all the healing takes place," she says.

But, size can affect a crystal's vibration

The way a crystal's size might come into play is in regards to its vibration—which isn't exactly the same as its energy (despite the words "vibrational energy" often being grouped). "Energy and vibration can overlap, but the energy of a crystal is part of its innate characteristic," says Nicole Glassman, holistic nutritionist and Mindful Health founder. A crystal's vibration, alternatively, is essentially the frequency at which the stone reputedly emits its type of healing energy. (For example. rose quartz is said to be the a love rock.)

The size of a crystal won't impact its energy (pyrite will still be powerful for self-reflection no matter its dimensions), but it will affect how strongly the stone vibrates and emits that energy. The vibrational disparities are what makes smaller crystals more appropriate for jewelry and to wear throughout the day, McCulloch says, since "larger stones give off high vibrations, which may be too much and are better suited for more open spaces like your home or office."

So, with that high-vibe knowledge in mind, now you know what to look for during your next crystal-picking expedition—no matter if you're looking for a pendant or home decor.

If you're willing to travel for your crystals, here is the trade show that's basically the Coachella of stones and a geode-inspired puzzle to keep you entertained during your trip to get there.

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