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healthy_fashion_weekFashionista or not, New York Fashion Week seems to affect anyone within a few miles of Lincoln Center. (Looking to get a last-minute blowout or a table at ABC Kitchen this week? Forget about it!)

But for those running around to what can feel like hundreds of shows—the designers, fashion editors, models, and beauty pros, whose industries turn on what takes place under the tents—the long days and often even longer nights can be downright taxing.

Which is why preparation and prevention is crucial. So how do insiders stay ahead of the stress? From green juice-swigging to vitamin regimens, we learned how seven fashion industry insiders prep for the week-long fashion marathon and plan to cross the finish line with their health intact. —Randi Eichenbaum



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marlien_rentmeesterMarlien Rentmeester, founder of Le Catch

Between covering her favorite collections—Jenni Kayne and J. Crew, to name a few—for her style blog Le Catch, the longtime fashion editor and New York native (she currently resides in Los Angeles) fits in visits with her twin sister and old friends.

Fashion Week Survival Rx: While Rentmeester is an avid runner, she’s changing it up in preparation for Fashion Week by regularly doing Tracy Anderson DVDs at home. “I took one class, and I was like, okay, I get it,” she says of the dance cardio phenomenon. “She has a zillion exercises for the butt, so I feel like it’s endless learning and endless goodness.”


chelsea_pickthornChelsey Pickthorn, owner of Pickthorn Salon

Fashion Week for one of the industry’s favorite colorists really began a few weeks back as models and editors from the likes of Vogue are starting to trickle in off the L train to Pickthorn’s Bushwick salon for highlights and hair painting before hitting the shows.

Fashion Week Survival Rx: Pickthorn strives to maintain her health and a senses of balance with vitamins and supplements. She likes pre-natals, which include iron, though she’s not pregnant. “I become a little bit anemic when I’m stressed out,” she admits. And she swears by raw zinc for strengthening nails and hair, “so it doesn’t start falling out on me,” Pickthorn says.


kim d'amato Kim D’Amato, founder of Priti NYC

The chic founder of the non-toxic nail polish line knows her way around Fashion Week, this being her 15th season at New York Fashion Week for Priti and having worked as a model before that. This year Priti will be sponsoring over a dozen shows, including Tommy Hilfiger and Tocca, as well as launching a glitter overlay, which Priti plans on painting over soft pink shades for spring 2014.

Fashion Week Survival Rx: D’Amato taps Organic Avenue to keep hydrated during her long flights and long days. “Because I live in Paris and have to fly to New York to Paris and then London to Paris for Fashion Weeks, I’m in need of hydration, antioxidants, and vitamins to fight off the nastys during flights,” she says. “The Turmeric Tonic is great for my immune system and, of course, the Green Love. But I have a soft spot for cucumber, so I love the Cucumber Mint.”


Rebecca Minkoff, Designer

The downtown girl’s go-to designer will spend the week readying her Latin American-inspired collection followed by hosting an after-party.

Fashion Week Survival Rx: In preparation for the late-night dinners and excesses of the week, Minkoff is planning to sip Blueprint juices during the day. “I still like the flexibility of having dinner with friends or my husband,” she says. Also knowing she can’t be bothered with chipped nails and touch ups, she’ll get a gel manicure at Primp & Polish in Williamsburg. “They have so many great colors and the LED light dryer, which is important. I like to skip the UV dryer if possible.”

Photo: Danielle Kosann


edward_enninful Edward Enniful, Fashion Director W Magazine

As W‘s fashion director, Enniful is busy creating the covers and styling the big shoots for the high-fashion glossy, and charged with going to the most important shows in New York, London, Milan, and Paris to identify the next season’s trends.

Fashion Week Survival Rx: “I step up my fitness routine because it gives me energy. I’m addicted to SoulCycle, and I work out with my trainer Ryan Hopkins at the new private gym Soho Strength Lab,” he says. And Enniful’s grooming routine is just as extensive. “Naomi Campbell introduced me to regular massages at Salon De Tokyo on 57th Street. I take facials and steams at Mezzanine Spa in Soho. I’ll also have a lymphatic drainage massage at the Piper Centre in Soho; it gives me an energy boost. And I love manicures and pedicures from Jin Soon Natural Hand and Foot Spa in the East Village. They bathe your feet in milk and honey and have the best citrus tea.”

Photo: Nick Knight


Ludmilla_dom_PerignonLudmilla dom Pérignon, Model

The French model who has walked for labels like Giambattista Valli and Maison Martin Margiela, and recently did a campaign for Kenzo, has already begun readying herself with a brand new chopped ‘do from Anthony Dickey at Hair Rules.

Fashion Week Survival Rx: Daily running and an up-for-anything attitude keeps her calm, which can be key in an industry where you might not know your schedule until just days before the shows begin. In the weeks leading up to Fashion Week, dom Pérignon focuses on maintaining a clean diet, cutting out alcohol, salt, and sugar. “For Fashion Week, I quit the chocolate,” she says. What’s her trick for avoiding temptation? Cooking all of her meals at home.

Photo: Mark Tousignant


reem_acra_designer Reem Acra, Designer

The Lebanese-born designer known for her dramatic beaded gowns worn by celebrities (and brides), will be readying for her ready-to-wear collection show by keeping to a schedule: “With all the meetings and late nights, it’s important to stick to as much of a schedule as possible during Fashion Week,” the New Yorker says.

Fashion Week Survival Rx: “I always start my mornings with an orange blossom drink. It’s from Beirut and couldn’t be simpler to make–just a splash of orange blossom water stirred into a cup of boiling water. It helps with stomach issues and headaches and is excellent for calming nerves and restoring vitality. Then, after chasing my dog LouLou around the apartment, I’ll walk to my design atelier in the Garment District, savoring the last moments of peace and quiet. My team at the office always keeps almonds and fruit on hand for when meetings and fittings bleed into meal times,” says the designer.


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