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My Studio Style: Adrianne Ho

Adrianne HoModel Adrianne Ho is the force behind Sweat The Style, a brand (and website) that’s devoted to healthy living with a serious sense of style—and gorgeous photos.

Ho has earned herself a huge following of fitness fanatics that really want to look good and feel good while working out—a fast-growing pool, we’d say.

Doing her part to solidify fitness fashion as the new day wear for the modern urbanite, Ho is rarely seen outside of her workout clothes.

“My outfit is usually an amalgamation of active wear, mixed with street, and a little touch of high-end fashion,” she says.

“I want women to be proud of the way they look before, during, and after a great workout. Comfort and performance never have to sacrifice style. I live between NYC and LA, where dressing up isn’t just for the office or nightclub anymore,” Ho says. Here’s what she’s wearing right now… —Jamie McKillop

Ho is wearing all of her picks, above:

1. MissFit Beanie ($40) I frequently run outside, and I’ll always wear a beanie to keep my head and ears warm. This one is inspired by the hardcore rock band The Misfits. I have the same hardcore attitude towards my workout.

SweatTheStyle_Ho Knows Nike inspired graphic tee
Sweat The Style “Ho Knows” graphic tee ($40)

2. Alexander Wang Quilted Leather Bomber ($748) I love how versatile this jacket is. I can throw it on over my workout clothes and immediately feel stylish enough to head out to dinner or meet up with friends right after my workout.

3. Ho Knows T-Shirt ($40) This shirt was inspired from the classic Nike “Bo Knows” campaign cover shoot I did with Highsnobiety Magazine. I would wear this graphic t-shirt out and to the gym. I love when I can wear the same clothing for working out or for going out.

4. Alexander Wang Yoga Mat ($150) I love the look of this mat and leather strap. Finally a yoga mat that I can carry around to and from yoga that goes with what I’m wearing.

5. Nike Gold Air Max 1 ($135) These are so comfortable to walk around in. I love pairing these sneakers with an all black outfit like this one to brighten it all up.

6. Sweat It Leggings ($45) I wear leggings all the time. I love the way they look, feel, and fit. These are leggings that I wear when I’m either going out or going for a run.

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