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My Studio Style: Andia Winslow

You think your gym bag's heavy? The pro golfer, Chelsea Piers star trainer, and aqua cycling instructor needs four outfits a day. We got her workout staples.
Golfer, trainer Andia Winslow studio style
(Photo: John Glenn)

If you thought packing your workout bag the night before was a chore (guilty!), then Andia Winslow will put things into perspective for you.

The professional golfer and New York City trainer teaches golf and workout classes—like the in-the-sand Manhattan Beach Workout—at The Sports Center at Chelsea Piers, leads pool cycling classes at Aqua Studio, and is a runner. (She also practices “fitness activism,” with projects like her “Legacy Workout,” released during Black History Month.)

And Winslow’s busy, multi-sport schedule means that she changes about four times a day. “My day bag is huge,” she says. “It has tights, golf shoes, track spikes, you name it. If I lost my bag, I wouldn’t know what to do.”

Winslow steams or irons her workout outfits and packs them the night before (she leaves her home in Brooklyn at 4:50 a.m., mind you) and even packs a casual streetwear outfit to change into midday so she “doesn’t look like a gym rat all the time.”

Here’s what she’s sporting now—from a cycling pool in Tribeca to a golfing green on the Hudson. —Jamie McKillop

Adidas Dress1. Adidas by Stella McCartney Barricade Dress ($120) Whimsy and functionality! On the golf course I’ve long rocked tennis outfits, especially throwbacks with pleats—they’re classy, sporty, timeless. Silhouette-patterned golf dresses are another favorite especially when the dress code is stringent at traditional facilities.

2. Under Armour Compression Shorts ($21) On the track, or in the sand, compression and moisture-wicking is a must. Plus, don’t you want to feel as though your workout gear allows you to be the super heroine that you are? Shorts that prime you for movement? I’m in.

3. Athleta Up-Tempo Seamless Bra ($36) Sports bra coverage and support with a minimalist back! After my third wardrobe change of the day, it still works with every outfit. This is a huge deal in my world—my “go bag” can’t get any bigger!

4. Converse Chuck Taylor Fresh Colors in Beach Glass ($55) My summer favorite is Beach Glass. They remind me of ocean waves and freedom. Truth be told, I’ve got pairs in ten colors. What’s best about Chuck Taylors is their versatility—dress them up, dress them down, slide in arch support, fresh laces to match the mood and hit the town! Oh, and they make for great flat-soled Olympic lifting shoes in the gym, too.Sweaty Betty

5. Sweaty Betty Medley Bikini Top ($52) I work hard for this core, so in the pool, I two-piece my workout in a style that stays put but is still appealing to the eye.

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