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My Studio Style: Kimberly Fowler

Kimberly Fowler
(Photo: YAS)

Los Angeles-based Kimberly Fowler is the creator of pioneering West Coast yoga-and-Spinning brand, YAS.

The fitness studio, which launched 12 years ago, currently has four locations in cool LA neighborhoods, like Venice and Silver Lake. And style-conscious Fowler created her own skull-centric clothing and accessories line called YAS Yoga & Sportswear for the studios, which is what you’ll usually find her wearing.

“I basically live in workout clothes,” she says. “I only wear green, grey, black, and white. Well, with a smattering of skulls.” Fowler will stray outside of her own fashion line for photo shoots—most recently for her just-launched Flat Belly Yoga book and DVD—and when she’s in need of items she doesn’t stock, like sneakers and watches.

We asked the fashion-forward fitness mash-up artist to share some of her style faves—curated from her own shelves and beyond.

1. Yas Yoga & Spinning Bag ($86) How often do you get to design a bag that has everything you need? It holds my Spin shoes, my yoga mat, and has an area for my sweaty clothes. And, of course it has a place for your phone. It’s become the favorite travel bag among the YAS’ers.

Screen shot 2013-10-16 at 10.29.08 AM2. Nike ID Sneakers (Price varies) I was Nike’s Yoga Athlete for years, so I still have a ton of Nike gear that I wear. One of my favorites is my ID sneakers. You design them yourself; it’s fun and quick.  I have about five pairs, all in YAS green and grey. I also wear Converse Slip Ons ($37)—they are easy to take off when going into the yoga room.

3. Beyond Yoga Gathered Long Legging ($92) These are the ones I wore in the Flat Belly Yoga DVD. I loved the fabric; it’s like wearing butter, but in a good way. They’re so soft. All of the Beyond Yoga styles were functional, too—you shoot for hours, so they need to not just look good.

Screen shot 2013-10-16 at 10.32.22 AM4. Ugg Australia Classic Short Boots ($155) Being in Venice, it’s funny, it could be the middle of summer and people (me) will come in with their Uggs. During “June Gloom” you might see me in Uggs and a puffy coat. I know I sound like the Saturday Night Live skit “The Californians”—all we talk about is traffic and weather. Weather shouldn’t bother me since I’m a Jersey girl and went to undergrad in Boston, but I have to admit, I’ve become a weather wuss since living in LA. —Lisa Elaine Held

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