My Studio Style: Kirsten Potenza and Cristina Peerenboom

The fitness iconoclasts behind drumstick workout Pound share their uniquely chic gym fashion picks.
Pound girls style
(Photo: Pound Rockout Workout)

Kirsten Potenza and Cristina Peerenboom are two women making a lot of noise on the fitness scene.

The model-esque trainers are the founders of Pound, a Los Angeles-based workout that involves drumming (on the floor, in the air, you name it!) using weighted Ripstix, their version of hand weights. Since Crunch picked up the class two years ago, fitness fanatics from coast to coast have been signing up to keep the beat at the gym.

And their approach to fitness fashion is just as out-of-the-box and fun. “I believe that if there are any rules to fitness fashion, they should be thrown out the window,” Potenza says. “Fashion is a creative way of expressing yourself. Wear what feels good, and what makes you feel confident. Forget about the rest.”

Plus, Peerenboom says, whatever your style, there’s a way to rock it while you’re working out. “Imagine your favorite outfit. Maybe it’s a favorite pair of jeans, vintage booties, and a sheer sweater. Now, imagine if you could work out in that outfit. Most of the time, you can find gym threads that mimic your day-to-day style, so you stay true to yourself.”

Here are some of the rocking fitness fashion pieces that show their true workout passion and style. —Jamie McKillop

Live in New York? Join us and the Pound founders this weekend at the Sweat Series. The workout’s on us! Get details here.

Converse Peerenboom’s and Potenza’s Picks

1. Converse x Nate Lowman All Star Trainer ($110) This new collection for Converse is driving me batty. It’s so stylish and versatile! Each design draws from the ideal color palette, leaving you plenty of room to add pops of earth tones in all the right places. And, Chucks are always perfect to slip off during yoga or Pound classes and then on-and-into-the-world, afterwards.Brandy Melville Tank

2. Athleta Shiva Shimmer Tank 3 ($54) The loose cut is perfect for flowin’ through a Pound class without overheating, and the non-obtrusive shimmer is eye-catching in the most subtle way.

3. Splits 59 Loren Seamless Bra ($39) It supports like a sports bra and has the thin straps of a cami. Oh-so-delightful. A little pinky burst under a boyish muscle tee is exactly what I like to stay ventilated and stylish during a workout.

Cool_patterned_Athleta_capris 4. Brandy Melville Mirella Tank ($25) This tank is the perfect muscle tee design. It’s cut liberally and flows when you move, giving you room to breathe. And it’s fabric is completely glorious, like could-be-made-of-puppies-it’s-so-soft material.

5. Athleta Prism Side Capri ($84) I love the subtle print on these leggings. They create a cool texture to any gym outfit, which I think is really important. They also give you that snug, flattering and fit feeling, but not the “I can’t breathe” feeling.

BDG Waterfall Tunic Bonus Studio Style Pick: BDG Waterfall Tunic ($59) This is our go-to, signature item. Throw a flannel around your waist and add instant style, color, and texture to your fitness look.

For more information, visit or join us at the Sweat Series this weekend.


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