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(Photo: GymTote)
(Photo: GymTote)

No more stuffing your Nikes into your Alexander Wang. (Or actually, they just might fit really well…)

GymTote, a new gym bag line out of London, just launched the Eva tote (£115), and it looks exactly like the Hermès Birkin you’ve always dreamed of—except that it’s got compartments for your sneakers, sweaty workout clothes, and water bottle. And won’t cause you to default on your student loans.

“I used to carry all of my gym clothes in a large tote bag,” GymTote co-owner Helena Searcaigh says, on how she got the idea for the line. “I was in a meeting with my boss when I went to pull a file out, and my sports bra fell onto the table.” (That’s a normal occurrence in the Well+Good office, but we see how that could pose a problem elsewhere.)

As for the Eva bag’s familiar design, Searcaigh says it’s not directly inspired by the Birkin, but that “classic styles” are central to her brand. And thankfully, she didn’t look to the iconic bag for its retail price either. —Jamie McKillop

(Photo: GymTote)
(Photo: GymTote)

For more information, visit (Shipping to the U.S. is available, but purchasing is only available in pounds.)