Wellness-obsessed designer Norma Kamali introduces her own juices

Now you can pick up an "All Green Salad" juice with your studded Kamali crop top.
(Photo: Norma Kamali)
(Photo: Norma Kamali)

Fashion designer Norma Kamali introduced her own line of fresh juices this week, in collaboration with New York catering company and sandwich shop Mangia.

The juices will be sold at Kamali’s Manhattan Wellness Cafe (in her 11 West 56th Street flagship), where she has previously sipped, stocked, and supported outside indie brands like Gingersnap’s Organics, and also sells natural beauty products and other healthy lifestyle items. Kamali is super passionate about wellness and working out, and recently introduced a fitness fashion line, too.

“There are a ton of juice outlets now, but we wanted the Wellness Cafe to have something special,” Kamali says. “After years of personally tasting other offerings on the market, I wanted to create our own unique blends including ingredients like olive oil, lemon, and turmeric.” (Olive oil, if you didn’t know, has a special place in Kamali’s heart.)

The designer’s brand-new blends (which have some organic ingredients but are not 100 percent organic and are made daily with a centrifugal juicer, not cold-pressed) include the All Green Salad with fennel, spinach, and tumeric, and the Mint Smooth Salad with cucumber, lime, and mint, and five more, all priced at $12 for 16 ounces.

Which maybe won’t feel too expensive if you’re paying for it alongside a $750 crop top? —Lisa Elaine Held

For more information, visit www.thewellnesscafe.com


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