Refrigerator Look Book: Lorna Jane Clarkson

(Photo: Lorna Jane)

Lorna Jane Clarkson, the fit Aussie founder of her eponymous fitness fashion brand, Lorna Jane, has created an empire around helping women live healthier lives, and look good while they’re doing it. Personally, she never sacrifices either. “I try to eat according to what my body needs—not being greedy, but not depriving myself,” she says.

And another area she refuses to skimp? Her own fridge.

Not only is it filled with tons of kale, coconuts, and ready-to-blend, pre-chopped smoothie ingredients, but it’s also one of the prettiest and most organized fridges we’ve documented. A cute cart for fresh eggs? Mason jars filled with strawberry chia jam and tied up with handwritten labels? Carafes of kombucha? Yes, yes, and yes.

Find out how Clarkson’s putting all these super stylized ingredients to use…

(Photo: Lorna Jane)
(Photo: Lorna Jane)

Do you follow a specific diet? I don’t. I eat according to what I feel my body needs for the day ahead and to give myself energy.

I love that philosophy. Where do you go food shopping and what’s your stance on organic? I buy organic whenever I can, but it’s more important to me that I buy what’s in season and grown locally—it’s fresher and tastes better. I make a weekly trip to the local farmer’s market, then plan my meals around what I find. I buy organic beef and chicken from the local, ethical butcher, and visit my local fishmonger for fresh, wild seafood.

You sound very on top of things. Speaking of animal products, I love the pretty little container for the eggs. Where do you get them?
I buy ethical, organic, free-range eggs from either the farmer’s market or from a local health food store. They’re such an amazing whole food. I love making veggie scrambles and frittatas, or topping my avocado and spinach toast with an over-medium egg.

All of those sound delicious! What are some of your other favorite healthy recipes? I make a lot of overnight oat parfaits with berries, figs, macadamia nuts, or honey. I even have a pear and chocolate variation that I sometimes have for dessert. I also find myself making curried red lentil soup regularly, especially in the winter. It’s simple and it reheats well, so it’s great for lunch.

(Photo: Lorna Jane)
(Photo: Lorna Jane)

Tell me about the containers on the second shelf. They look like leftovers?
That’s lunch! I make lunch for myself and Bill most days. These are salads loaded with veggies and topped with a protein, which is our usual. But sometimes I’ll mix it up with a soup, nutrient-filled rice paper rolls, or some homemade sushi.

Your lunch ideas are super inspired. Okay, tell me about the coconuts. They’re gorgeous. Do you drink one every day?
They are, aren’t they? I am a coconut fanatic both when it comes to my diet and my beauty routine. I love keeping whole coconuts on hand to make coconut yogurt (here’s the recipe). It’s so easy and nutritious, plus you can drink the leftover water, which is jam packed with electrolytes. I love topping it with granola and cinnamon pears. It’s a delicious breakfast, plus, the probiotics from the yogurt aid in digestion.

That’s a whole lot of kale! What do you use it for? Kale…what can I say? Kale smoothies, kale salad…and kale chips!

Delish! It looks like you have a smoothie container in the fridge and some smoothie ingredients. How often do you blend one up? Smoothies are a staple in my diet. I have about five a week. They’re quick, easy to prepare, and packed with nutrients…. I like customizing the ingredients to whatever I need, whether that’s an extra boost of energy or antioxidants. One of my all-time favorites is spinach, banana, mango, macadamia nut milk, almond butter, white chia seeds, raw honey, and maca powder. Yum! —Molly Gallagher

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