These are the Birkin bags of fitness fashion

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Photo: Puma
A sneaker that sold out in mere hours, a collection of sweats that had thousands vying for a pair before they even launched, even a simple cropped sports bra with a waitlist of 700…There’s no denying it: Activewear has officially joined the ranks of the most highly coveted fashion pieces.

Once the domain of Chanel heels and Birkin bags (anyone remember that episode of Sex and the City?), waitlists are now commonplace among athleisure’s biggest and buzziest brands, with women pulling a Samantha Jones just so they can snap a selfie while wearing their K-Deer leggings.

What, exactly, makes these pieces as coveted as a seat in one of Stacey Griffith‘s SoulCycle classes? Some have the celebrity mark of approval, while others are just so incredibly comfortable that women will do whatever it takes to get them. Plus, most of these items are way more affordable than your average pair of Christian Louboutins; you won’t have to plot a way to break into your 401k when you add your name to one of these waiting lists.

Below, we’ve gathered some of the most-coveted items in the athleisure world, from the sweatshirt that broke the Internet (thanks, Beyonce) to the dance cardio-approved jumpsuit that is harder to get than a pair of tickets to Hamilton. While some brands are re-organizing and strategizing to keep up with demand, others are just letting fans scour eBay in the hopes of snagging them up.

Lucky enough to have jumped the gun early on one of these pieces? Then all we want to know is: Can we maybe borrow it?

Scroll down to see the nine most coveted pieces in activewear.

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Photo: Outdoor Voices

Outdoor Voices Slashback Crop, $60

Stats: 700-person waitlist

Outdoor Voice confirmed its reputation as the go-to brand for sweaty cool-girls with the hysteria over the New York City brand’s “Slashback” crop top. It launched in stores and online in January and sold out in less than a week. “We had over 700 people on the waitlist before our restock went back up on the site last week,” a rep for the brand confirms. And while the good news is that they just restocked the two-in-one sports bra/top, the bad news is that they’ve already sold out in many sizes and colors online.

Photo: Sub_Urban Riot

Sub_Urban Riot ‘Kale’ Sweatshirt, $64

Stats: Sold out in less than 24 hours

Beyonce’s low-budget music video for her single “7/11” didn’t just nearly break the Internet; it also cleared out this ‘Kale’ sweatshirt from Sub_Urban Riot. “We sold out in a day, and the average waitlist/backorder time was about one week,” says Sub_Urban co-owner Nate Koach.  Like everything Queen Bey does, this one certainly set a trend. “It was a different kind of item for Beyonce to wear. She spearheaded the shift in the whole marketplace from ‘mean girl’ graphics to ‘smart girl’ graphics,” Koach adds. Luckily, the supply has caught up with the demand and these are now readily available. Oh kale yeah.

Photo: Aday

Aday Throw & Roll Leggings, $125

Stats: Sold out in less than 24 hours—three times!

Aday not only believes that all clothing should be inherently active—because let’s face it life is active—but also that getting dressed should be easy and uncomplicated so you can get on with your day. Which may be reason why these sleek, versatile leggings are so popular: “They sold out within 24 hours the last three times they were in stock,” explains Meg He, the brand’s co-founder. “Not only are these leggings easily passable for work or a night out, but they have the technology to back them up, thanks to a sculpting fabric and bonded seams that make your legs look instantly slimmer.” Out of your size? Don’t worry, there’s an email waitlist you can add yourself to, so the brand will be sure to include you in the next restock.

Photo: Puma

Puma x Rihanna Creepers

Stats: Sold out in 35 minutes

How much of a hit was Rihanna’s inaugural collection for Puma? According to RiRi herself, the first installment of her suede creeper sneaker sold out in only three hours after its initial release in September. While Puma was originally very tight-lipped about any future releases, it turns out the brand had a surprise in store: three new colorways—black, green and patent leather white—that dropped exclusively on Puma’s website May 26. But shoppers didn’t take the news lightly—the 2nd collection sold out in less than 35 minutes online.



Photo: Tory Sport

Tory Sport Wide Leg Trouser

Stats: Sold out in less than 24 hours

Thanks to the latest New York Fashion Week trend of see now, buy now, fans were able to shop Tory Sport collection seconds after the lights went down on the runway. And shop they did. The Annie Hall-style wide-leg track pant sold out less that 24 hours after the February launch and remain unshoppable. Tory Sport currently has no plans to restock (but a few other early-access fall ’16 items are still available for purchase on the site).

Photo: Everlane

Everlane’s Street Fleece Collection, $40-50

Stats: 6,640-person waitlist

We already reported on the outrageous waitlist for these Everlane pants. But it turns out the entire athleisure line for the brand is just as popular: The original four pieces from the Street Fleece collection of neoprene sweats and workout-ready jackets already sold-out. The good news? Everlane just added a crewneck sweatshirt that hasn’t sold out…yet.

Photo: Beyond Yoga

Kate Spade New York & Beyond Yoga T-Back Bow Tank

Stats: Sold out in 6 hours

When Beyond Yoga announced the launch of its collection with Kate Spade, preppy fitness aficionados and stripe lovers rejoiced—and apparently flocked to buy online. In fact, during its April 1 launch, the polka-dotted tank above promptly sold out in the first 6 hours. “[We] really take the time to make each collaboration and season really unique, however, we never can predict exactly which piece will end up being the hero of the season, which makes it that much more fun!” a PR rep for the brand explains. “For requests to restock, you can sign up on the website to be notified when a sold out item is replenished. It is the key way the brand can connect and realize fully what the customer loves.” And luckily for all you Kate Spade lovers, the brand is manufactured in LA, making them very nimble when it comes to high request numbers, so a restock may be possible in the near future.

Photo: Michi

Michi Medusa Jumpsuit, $395

Stats: Waitlist before it even went on sale

Michi’s mesh leggings regularly sell out (no surprise to anyone who’s been to a barre class in the past, oh, few years)—but the fashion-influenced brand was surprised to see the response to its spring ’16 neoprene jumpsuit. And by response, we mean a waitlist before it event went on sale. And although it’s now technically available, it’s not any easier to get your hands on one. “We keep selling out at every retailer and online, and have had to recut a number of times to meet demand,” explains Michi founder and creative director Michelle Watson.

Photo: Terez

Terez Crystal Skull Leggings, $78

Stats: Sold over 5,000 pairs since launching in October

For a brand as small as Terez, selling 5,000 pairs of statement-making skull leggings is quite the, well, statement. “We re-order this style every month once we see that the craze is not over and beg our factories here in New York City to make [them] as quickly as possible,” Terez PR director Juliana Goldman tells us. All hope isn’t lost: “In the time we are waiting for replenishment, we keep Crystal Skull live on our website so that we can collect back-in-stock requests and email those fans as soon as the product is back in our warehouse.”

Waitlists not quite your speed? Here are our picks for the best budget-friendly (but still super stylish) fitness fashion.

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