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cheap workout leggingsOkay, your activewear wardrobe is not likely to solve global issues. But who doesn’t love when a purchase gives back to a good cause—and comes with a hefty discount?

Which is why our ears (and hamstrings) perked up when charity shopping site Schoola announced Athleta had recently donated “thousands of items” to be sold at 60 percent off (all new, with tags on), with 40 percent of the proceeds going directly to the Malala Fund, which helps support girls’ education projects around the world.

Right now, they’ve got multiple pairs of hot printed leggings listed for between $20 and $25 and apres-gym sweaters that are perfect for the season.

There are also lots of other super discounted options on Schoola’s athletic page—Nike running shorts, Lucy and Prana yoga tanks, Adidas tennis skirts, and more—some of which are “gently” used, with proceeds benefiting different education projects.

It’s one feel-good, affordable option for stocking up on all the sweat-wicking apparel you’re going to need to tackle your 2016 fitness plans.

Before you revamp your sweat-session wardrobe, check out the 7 biggest fitness fashion trends of 2015.

(Photo: Schoola)