You’ve got to see Carbon38’s brand-new athleisure label

Carbon38 Since its launch in 2013, trendsetting fitness fashion site Carbon38 has adorned women all over the US (and world) in its curated selection of must-have athleisure labels.

Now, the Los Angeles-based brand (which predates players like Bandier and Net-A-Sporter) is taking its next step towards activewear domination by releasing its own namesake collection. And not all of it is meant for the gym.

Instead of competing with the brands it carries, like Koral, Michi, or Lucas Hugh, the collection is meant to bookend the athleisure category, explains Carbon38 co-founder Katie Warner Johnson, meaning it includes super simple fitness basics on the one end and high-design fashion pieces on the other—like dresses made from Lycra that you’ll want to slip on post-spin class.

The fashion collection, which launches in December and ranges from $100 to $300, might surprise you with work-appropriate pieces like blazers which unzip to become boleros, parkas, and dresses in black-and-wave prints “that make a statement with the brand identity in LA but are still wintery,” Johnson says.

“We’ve taken what’s so great about activewear fabrics and construction and just applied it to ready-to-wear silhouettes, so that we can support our customer further outside of the gym, which is where she’s already wearing her activewear,” says Johnson.

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These pieces are purposefully post-workout. “The last thing you want to do is put on a pair of tight skinny jeans after going to Tracy Anderson where it’s really sweaty. You just want to throw on a dress and be comfortable,” she adds. And to stay on-trend, Carbon38 will refresh of the fashion collection each season.

carbon38_1019153135 copy copy The basics collection, which just launched last week, includes black capris, leggings, sports bras, and crop tops that want to meet your staple fitness fashion needs for $100 or less.

“We are part of a new generation of women who want to live forever and look hot doing it, and what you put on is a huge part of how you make decisions,” Johnson explains. “We set out to create work-appropriate activewear to make our customer feel supported in all aspects of her daily life. Health doesn’t begin and end in the gym.” —Jamie McKillop

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(Photos: Carbon38)

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