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Your Fitbit is about to get a cool-kid upgrade from Public School

fitbit_public_school6Forget Apple watches and Cartier love bracelets—there’s a new wrist accessory that’s about to hit front rows, from Fashion Week to SoulCycle. Fitbit tapped super buzz-y New York City design duo Public School (hailed as the next Alexander Wang or Rag & Bone) to collaborate on a line of wearables. Does this mean that sweat tech is setting its sights on the cool-girl wellness set who spend their days at Sky Ting Yoga and their nights at Dimes?

The “concept pieces” for the new Alta tracker will debut at Public School’s runway show this Sunday for New York Fashion Week, Racked reports. But don’t expect to see your usual rubber tracking bracelet on the models; instead, the pieces are “designed for the runway,” a Fitbit rep told Racked. Expect “high-end bracelets inspired by urban space” and printed sport bands “that are at once contemporary and sophisticated.”

While Fitbit has a history of partnering with an of-the-moment designer to give its sporty stuff a high-fashion edge, this collaboration will likely lean more downtown cool than uptown preppy. After all, Public School’s streetwear-infused aesthetic has made the label a favorite among both it-girls and fashion critics (and they’ve got the CFDA awards to prove it). And lest you wonder what Public School knows about the athletic world, the brand has already teamed up with Nike Jordan.

Now, whether they can get New York Pilates addicts to start tracking their reformer moves is the big question. —Alison Feller

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(Photo: Public School)