Here’s why you should care what socks you’re working out in

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Bombas-Ribbon From your super cute cross-back sports bra to those color-blocked leggings you just had to have, socks are probably the last thing on your mind when you suit up for the studio or a post-work run.

But as the key factor working in tandem with your sneakers to support your feet (and, by extension, overall form), should they be? And are all pairs really created equal? (We’re looking at you, six-pack from the drugstore.)

Bombas spent two years doing research and development coming up with the answer—and solved all the annoying problems you’ve always begrudgingly accepted (like constantly falling down as you’re jogging, and creating the worst blisters ever). Basically, they’ll make you care more about what’s inside your running shoes than you previously thought possible.

Scroll down to see why these are the only socks you’ll ever want to wear again (besides the fact that they’re hella cute).

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Here’s the deal: The Marls ankle sock (the style specifically designed for serious fitness buffs) is sewn to create targeted tension to stay up on your feet, with features like a honeycomb support system that evenly distributes pressure across the arch and a thick blister tag that fits snugly on your ankle. (In related news, feel free to clear out your Band-Aid drawer and fill it with hair products.)

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Speaking of high-tech bonuses, the reinforced seams mean they’ll last and last—and the darker color palette will show less wear and tear no matter how many burpees you do. Oh, and that obnoxious bump on the toe of your usual pair? It got nixed.

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Did you know that socks are the number one most-requested item in homeless shelters? (Neither did we.) For every pair of socks sold, Bombas donates a pair to those in need—and nearly a million pairs have been donated so far. So beyond giving your workout a boost, you’ll also get an extra shot of good karma…you know, for the next time Mercury’s in retrograde.

To learn more (and get an extra 20 percent off with code WELLGOOD), go to

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