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We found them: Stylish workout pants, yoga leggings, and compression capris that you'll be psyched to sweat in—especially because they're a steal.

HM Sport TightsFrom renowned designers breaking into activewear to running shoes on the runway, it’s no secret that workout clothes are becoming a high-fashion thing.

And while a little fanciness in your workout wardrobe can fire-up your motivation (never underestimate the power of looking good at the gym), there are times when a fitness maven has to leave a little something in her bank account for the actual workouts.

To that end, we’ve scoured the budget-friendly brands for stylish pieces you’ll be psyched to sweat in (especially when it’s time to buy a new class pack). Here are nine pairs of cute workout pants that are all under $40. —Randi Eichenbaum

(Photo: H&M)


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C9 workout pantsC9 by Champion Women’s Premium Reversible Capri Tight in Black Heather/Dusty Plum, $34.99
Who They’re For: Anti-Repeat Outfit Offenders

The best thing about these  moisture-wicking capris? They’re reversible. Meaning you you won’t run the risk of getting caught wearing the same pants twice. And you really get two pairs of capris for the price of one.






Under Armour leggingUnder Armour Women’s Charged Cotton Ultimate 28” Legging, $29.99
Who They’re For: Girls on the Go

The company represented by fitness models like Natalie Uhling  makes these everyday cotton, ankle-length leggings. They’d look as good in a vinyasa class as they would out running errands paired with an oversized-sweater and boots.





Tees by TinaTees by Tina Matte Legging, $38
Who They’re For: Victims of the Lululemon Sheer Pant Debacle

These no-nonsense leggings are not only matte, they’re also super opaque, leaving no risk of see-through blunders. Available in one-size-fits-all and made of nylon and spandex, they return to their natural shape after wear, meaning no sagginess between washes. They also come in eight colors.





GapFit gBalance Foldover PantsGapFit gBalance Foldover Pants, $39.50
Who They’re For: Leggy Dancers

The tall, leggy crowd has it tough. Finding full-length pants, that is. In addition to regular sizes, GapFit’s fold-over pant, which is ideal for the barre or for those who’ll never get used to a tight ankle legging—makes this long, boot-cut pair.





HM Sport TightsH&M Sports Tights, $24.95
Who They’re For: Print Fanatics

You can partake of the print legging trend of the moment with these almost ankle-length pants from fast fashion chain H&M. Note to runners or the handbag averse: there’s a pocket for a key.

River Island workout pantsRiver Island High Waist Legging, $20
Who They’re For: Crop Top Devotees

For those who like showing off their hard-earned abs—and why shouldn’t you?—these high-waisted stretch cotton leggings from the London street-fashion label really rock.





Women's Active by Old Navy Printed-Compression CaprisOld Navy Printed-Compression Capris, $30
Who they’re for: The Plain Jane who’s (almost) ready to mix it up

These black-and-grey patterned capris make for an easy, not-too-daring transition from a closet full of solid blacks without being too loud. And the wider waistband means you won’t have to worry about a muffin-top effect, a problem prone to compression fabrics that some brands just make worse.





Forever21 Workout pantsForever 21 Mesh-Trimmed Skinny Workout Leggings, $21.80
Who They’re For: High-Fashion Followers

The panels of pink on these skinny leggings are semi-sheer mesh. It’s a fashion-forward and functional detail (for breathability) being put to use on lots of high-end brands. Of course, these will keep you cool without sweating over the pricetag.





American Apparel workout pantsAmerican Apparel Winter Leggings, $38
Who They’re For: Polar Vortex Sufferers

For anyone who find that cold mornings are becoming an excuse to stay under the covers and skip boot camp, you may want to check out these. Made of stretch terry, they’re a little denser and warmer than the brand’s other offerings.





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