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You might joke that you live in your workout leggings, but Julianne Hough actually does: As a professional dancer, they’re her version of office attire.

“I spend such a big portion of my life training and working out. I like to say that I was wearing athleisure before it was on trend!” Hough tells us.

Which explains why the Dancing with the Stars performer-turned-judge, who has been adding acting and singing roles to her resume—hello, Grease Live!—would be the perfect candidate for a celeb activewear line. (If anyone knows the secret behind a hoodie that you can both sweat in and look cute in when the paparazzi catches you leaving SoulCycle, it’s Hough.) Cue Jules, the celeb’s collaboration with the Canada-based, dance-inspired athleisure line MPG that launched this week.

The 13-piece spring ’16 collection of staples-with-a-twist (think cut-out sports bras or capris with major mesh paneling) is shockingly affordable, with price tags topping off at $60. And that’s not the only surprise. Take, for example her charmingly-named Java Jogger: “The fabric is actually made of recycled coffee grounds,” Hough tells us. “Not only are they sustainably made, [but] they are [also] super lightweight and breathable, so I never get too warm during a workout.” (MPG claims that the coffee grounds help absorb odor, too.)

As for those workouts, she’s graduated from foxtrots and rumbas. “I love to dance of course, but I really try to mix things up so I don’t get bored. I’ve been really into Body by Simone lately, plus I just love to be outdoors in LA hiking with friends and my dogs,” says Hough. “I try and alternate my routine every other day and give myself weekends off.”

Mixing things up is, according to her, the secret to not hating your workouts. That, and just making the first move. As she notes, “It doesn’t have to be a major time commitment. Once you get going, you’ll immediately feel great about treating your body well.” But wearing a pair of cute leggings certainly helps.

Ready for some inspiration? Scroll down to see more looks from Julianne Hough’s new activewear line, Jules.

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Photo: MPG

Lunar Hooded Tank, $44

Blocker Capri, $58

Photo: MPG

Distinct Keyhole Bra, $48

Blend Spacedye Capri, $59

Photo: MPG

Revo Seamless Top, $40

Java Jogger Utility Capri, $60

Photo: MPG

Distinct Spacedye Keyhole Bra, $48

Wisdom Oversized Cardigan, $50

Photo: MPG

Curby Wicking Tank, $48

Electrolyte Hot Short, $40

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