Cult-favorite brand La Vie Boheme Yoga launches an apparel line

In-the-know yogis with boho leanings are obsessed with La Vie Boheme Yoga, the accessories brand whose gorgeous printed yoga mats, rugs, and towels all have a chic Southern-Cali-meets-the-Southwest thing going on.

And now the cult-fave brand is bringing its signature style to a new line of yoga pants and sports bras, which we have a feeling you’ll be seeing a lot of in the studio (or in your closet).

La Vie Boheme’s apparel line launched August 1, and features the bohemian prints the brand’s known for—think tribal patterns and dreamcatchers—all in a neutral color palette of black, indigo, white, and beige, with pops of color.


“The same inspiration we use in designing our mats translates directly into our apparel—and gives the entire collection a cohesive feel,” say founders Yvette Charlton and Michaela Moryskova. (So yes, your leggings will totally complement your mat.)

The patterns were inspired by Charlton and Moryskova’s travels and reflect their gypset sensibilities—as well as their desire to give yogis another way to express themselves through their practice.


But all that focus on style doesn’t mean La Vie Boheme’s new line overlooks function. Take the pants, for example. “It took us about six months going back and forth with our factory until we were completely satisfied with the fit and feel,” Charlton and Moryskova say. Now that they’ve got it down, it shouldn’t be a problem to roll out new designs on the reg—at least that’s what we’re hoping. —Amy Marturana

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(Photos: Top, Instagram/laviebohemeyoga; Product shots, La Vie Boheme Yoga)

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