Man Repeller and Outdoor Voices collaborate on a kickass activewear kit


What do you get when you combine trendy, Millennial-focused fashion site Man Repeller with downtown-cool activewear brand Outdoor Voices? A high-neck crop top, your first grade jump rope, and dark chocolate, natch.

That’s what you’ll find in the just-released fitness fashion “kit” that’s the result of a collaboration between the two brands. It’s a little bit of whimsy and a little bit of chic, neatly packed into a Baggu tote, so that you can be dressed to sweat (or look like you are) anytime, anywhere.

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“One perk of athleisure is that it makes sense in the context of both working out and just kind of hanging out,” says Leandra Medine, the founder of Man Repeller, who’s been dabbling in how fitness can fuse with fashion for months now and is a regular at ModelFit. “I love the idea of fitness that is also attractive. [The kit] is something I’d feel comfortable wearing running into my very formal, European grandparents.”


And her grandparents must be cool, because she’s talking about a cropped ribbed tee, a cropped sports bra, warmup capris, a Welcome Companions popsicle purse charm, a Flight Crew rainbow jump rope, and Antidote chocolate in the cheeky tote, blazoned with “In it for the smoothie.”

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While the fun, curated objects bring her whole athleisure work(out)-and-play lifestyle idea full circle, the clothing itself is signature Outdoor Voices with fresh color updates and a few new styles added. It’s a brand that’s more about ease than effort when it comes to athletics (think jogging rather than running) and has a sense of humor about the fitness zeitgeist it’s part of.

“We wanted to create this kit with someone who’s known for something other than being active,” Outdoor Voices founder Tyler Haney says. “Leandra was one of our first customers, and while she’s quite active, she’s known first and foremost for the humorous yet intellectual way she talks about fashion. She came in and put her branded stamp on our existing fabrications and helped us curate the items.”

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Like so many things in the fashion world, that Man Repelling stamp doesn’t come cheap (sigh). The kit clocks in at $250. But hey, you can amortize those cute capris over your summer workouts… —Jamie McKillop

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(Photos: Outdoor Voices, Man Repeller)

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