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Koya-FrontManduka, the almost 20-year-old yoga brand that’s a go-to source for mats and accessories, is finally adding a full-on activewear category. (They previously had a small collection of tanks and tees.)

The eco-friendly collection of women’s and men’s apparel is specifically designed with a yoga practice in mind, says the company, and will hit stores and yoga studios February 2016.

“Our customers have been asking us for an apparel line for years, but we decided to focus on our yoga mat, towel, and prop innovations to enhance the practice,” Manduka CEO Sky Meltzer says. “We wanted to take our time and create an apparel line that we were really proud of—that echoed the yoga market and our customers’ needs.” So what did they come up with?

Koya Made for Yoga

Like the Los Angeles-based company’s mats and accessories, the clothes take a sustainable approach, with eco-friendly fabrics like recycled polyester, organic cotton, hemp, tencel, and sorona. But the unexpected twist here is that the styles are surprisingly fashion-forward. Think pieces like a high-neck crop top sports bra, tops with mesh detailing, and drop-crotch pantalons—plus basic yoga styles you’d expect.

“Every piece was designed with the community in mind to let them have a more enjoyable practice on the mat,” Meltzer explains. “There are no zippers or reflective tape because the yoga practice doesn’t require it, and these extras can make poses uncomfortable. The women’s bra tops are supportive, but not overly constructed since it’s not made for running or other cardio exercises.”


The men’s collection, albeit smaller, has a sizable offering of men’s yoga basics like boardshort-inspired shorts and t-shirts that won’t fall down during inversions.

“This is a monumental step in our mission to inspire more and more people to practice yoga,” adds Meltzer, and to join the booming athleisure market. Devoted Manduka fans will certainly be right there on the mat with them. —Jamie McKillop

What’s athleisure?  Well it’s officially become a word in the dictionary…

(Photos: Manduka)