Moon Juice makes its foray into athleisure, and the result is out-of-this-world


mj 1Finally, we can have our Moon Juice and wear it, too.

The Los Angeles-based apothecary, best known for its medicinal juices, milks, and healing powders, has teamed up with New York City athleisure brand Live the Process to launch a seven-piece capsule collection of leggings, bodysuits, and bras. Naturally, the pieces were inspired by deep space. “All good things come from the sky,” explains Moon Juice founder Amanda Chantal Bacon.

But the collab was also propelled by Bacon herself. “Amanda was really looking for a new uniform—hence, the ‘moon suit,’” says Live the Process founder Robyn Berkley, a longtime friend of Bacon’s.  “We created a print that was galactic yet feminine. There is such a connection right now to the cosmos and the emotional connection that it evokes.” Bacon agrees: “[Robyn and I] are motivated by the same things, and are committed to bringing this to the table at large.”

And since it wouldn’t be a Moon Juice project without some kind of exotic edible, a special-edition truffle is debuting at the brand’s LA shop starting November 25 to commemorate the apparel—one made with blue protein milk and pearl powder (a key ingredient in Bacon’s morning routine). “The Blue Protein Moon [truffle] has the remarkable blue hue from the Blue Majik [aqua botanicals], which are also found in our amazing Blue Adaptogen Protein,” details Bacon.

But don’t space out just yet—click through the slideshow to see select pieces from the capsule collection. —Erin Magner

(Photos: Live the Process)

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[INSERT EVENT CAPTION]Live the Process with Moon Juice Corset Leotard ($190)


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[INSERT EVENT CAPTION]Live the Process with Moon Juice Corset Bra ($85)


[INSERT EVENT CAPTION]Live the Process with Moon Juice V Bra ($120)

It’s not just Amanda Chantal Bacon’s uniform that you can get—she shared with us the beauty potions that kick-start her day




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