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Salt-n-Pepa_2013You’ve probably worked out to Salt-N-Pepa’s ’80s mega hit “Push It,” eight trillion times, but have you done it while wearing something they’ve designed?

The answer, very soon, can be a happy-making yes: The rap duo, comprised of Cheryl James and Sandra Denton, are working on an activewear line aptly named Push It, according to Women’s Wear Daily.

“We’re in the process of picking out our colorways and designs,” Denton told WWD. Don’t worry, they’ve already honed in on some no-brainer items: “We’ve got to have a ‘Push It’ jacket. Everyone said that. We’ve incorporated that now.”

No word yet on if they’ll be creating a pair of workout leggings that will make you want to shoop, too.

Welcome to the celebs-with-activewear-lines club, Salt-N-Pepa! —Jamie McKillop

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