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Supermodel Karlie Kloss stars in a Nike Women campaign

(Photo: Nike)
(Photo: Instagram @KarlieKloss)

In yet another example that fitness is infiltrating the fashion world, supermodel Karlie Kloss announced via Instagram today that she will star in an upcoming campaign with Nike Women.

Other models have collaborated with fitness fashion brands—Heidi Klum created a line for New Balance and Miranda Kerr was recently sporting Reebok Skyscape sneakers in ads. However, 21-year-old Kloss—whom you might just recognize from Victoria’s Secret and just about every runway and magazine editorial ever—might just be the first high-fashion model to appear in a major fitness fashion campaign.

She’s a great choice. Kloss is a fitness-scene fixture and is known to be a regular at ModelFit and SoulCycle. (She also designed a line of Karlie’s Kookies for desert-mecca Momofuku Milk Bar in Manhattan, using health-conscious ingredients like almond flour and gluten-free oats.)

But it’s a departure for Nike, a brand well known for featuring serious professional athletes, not women who rule the runways. Though it looks like that’s changing.

“Karlie Kloss is an athlete and young professional at the top of her field who represents the attitude and energy of young female athletes everywhere,” explains Nike spokesperson Joy Davis Fair. “She credits her fit and strong physique to her regular training….We think this is an inspirational photo shoot highlighting a notable female athlete that prioritizes a healthy lifestyle.”

In the shots she released on Instagram, Kloss looks powerful and driven, tagging the photos with phrases like “strongissexy” and “strongbodystrongmind.” Strong isn’t just the new skinny, it’s the new supermodel. —Jamie McKillop

Scroll down for more photos from the campaign:

(Photo: Instagram @KarlieKloss)
Kloss lunges with Nike Master Trainer Traci Copeland. (Photo: Instagram @KarlieKloss)
(Photo: Instagram @KarlieKloss)
(Photo: Instagram @KarlieKloss)

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