The funny, fresh new yoga apparel line born out of Brooklyn

Live Ohm K creates pop-culture-referencing tees and tanks that modern yogis are going to want to pose in.
Live Ohm K
Founders Katharine Lucic and Katie Vohwinkel (Photo: Live Ohm K)

Tees and tanks with cheeky messages are kind of a big deal in the yoga world right now, and a new indie Brooklyn brand just introduced a fun, pop-culture-referencing line that modern yogis are bound to want to pose in.

Called Live Ohm K, it’s like a funny, fresh, local version of “high vibration” tee brand Spiritual Gangster.

Katharine Lucic, 29, and Katie Vohwinkel, 25, launched Live Ohm K in August, after meeting at Williamsburg’s Syncstudio, where Lucic teaches yoga and Vohwinkel teaches cycling (she’s also a dedicated yogi).

The pair says that they were inspired to create something that embodied “Brooklyn, women, wellness, and empowerment,” and that the term Ohm K is their yogic version of OK, a word they apply to feeling okay with yourself, your body, and your life.

“We want to start a wellness trend that promotes empowerment through positivity and feeling good about where you are, who you are, and what you look like right now,” says Lucic. “A feeling that you’re ‘Ohm K.’ It’s all ‘Ohm K.’ We choose our designs with the community and spirit we want to create in mind. Clothes that feel good, look good, and have positive messages.”

Live Ohm K
(Photo: Live Ohm K)

Positive messages, yes, but also amusing ones. They range from yogic with a funny twist, like “Kick Asana” and “Every Chaturanga Counts” to sly pop culture references that pull in yoga, like “My God Becky,” “You Ain’t Nothin But a Down Dog,” and Rosie the Riveter saying “We Can Do It” in bow pose.

To dream up the designs, they collaborate with local artists but also brainstorm the clever phrases themselves, in a process they describe as “silly texting and emailing.” “There truly aren’t enough emojis for the excitement we get when a new idea pops up,” says Vohwinkel.

Live Ohm K is also trying to embody yoga values by keeping its production, from fabric to printing, based locally, in New York City, and by partnering with charity organization Exhale to Inhale, which provides healing yoga sessions to survivors of domestic abuse and sexual assault. That commitment may make customers feel more than “Ohm K” about rocking their apparel on the mat. —Lisa Elaine Held

For more information, visit, and check out some more designs, below

Live Ohm K
(Photo: Live Ohm K)
Live Ohm K
(Photo: Live Ohm K)
Live Ohm K
(Photo: Live Ohm K)


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