Why Tory Burch’s new activewear brand is a really big deal

TS_FA15_LIFESTYLE_CAMPAIGN_05 For mega-lifestyle brand Tory Burch, it was always a question of when the label would break into the activewear category. And with the introduction of Tory Sport, which officially launches this Tuesday, September 22, the company is certainly making up for lost time.

Way more than just a tack-on addition of leggings and sports bras, Tory Sport is a full-fledged designer activewear line separate from the main Tory Burch brand, with an extensive offering of performance and to-and-from-the-gym clothing, its own website, and a country club-themed pop-up store in New York City’s Nolita neighborhood.

“We’ve been working on Tory Sport for close to three years, it was a much harder process than I originally thought,” CEO and designer Tory Burch says. “It was basically a start-up, because it’s separate from the main brand. With Tory Burch, we took luxury down from a price perspective. Here, we’re taking sport up and making it a bit more premier.”

TS_FA15_LOOK_BOOK_05 In the collection, you’ll find clothing, bags, shoes, and accessories for running, studio, tennis, swim, and a large category Tory Sport is calling “coming and going,” as in pieces you can wear before and after a workout. The aesthetic mirrors the preppy and feminine feel of the Tory Burch main line but with an athletic edge. Expect floral prints, old-school stripes, and collegiate colorways.

“Tory Sport still looks like us, but it’s a different, sportier version of us,” Burch explains. “It’s performance wear, but that’s not necessarily a design detail. These are super functional pieces that look like stylish clothing as well.”

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TB Sport # 2.1 copy Prices range from $55 to $550 and the pieces are available online as well as at the Tory Sport pop-up shop at 257 Elizabeth Street in Manhattan, in the original Tory Burch boutique space which opened 11 years ago. Open until a permanent Tory Sport shop opens in the Flatiron District next year, the space has an old country club-glamour vibe, complete with a monogramming station, vinyl letter press, and a vending machine with vintage sport magazines and Tory Sport-branded tennis balls, frisbees, and water bottles.

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“Fitness is not a trend, it’s about the way you live your life,” Burch says. “People are busy. For some people, all they wear is activewear. I think this is going to be hugely addictive for people who already love the Tory Burch brand.” We suspect that college girls and young moms everywhere will have to agree. —Jamie McKillop

For more information, visit torysport.com

(Photos: Tory Sport)

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