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Tracy Anderson leggings
Anderson's legging models include celeb devotees, from Jenni Konner, writer and executive producer of HBO's "Girls" (far left) and Sally Pressman of "Army Wives" (second from left)


Today, dance-cardio guru (and branding genius) Tracy Anderson adds “fashion designer” to her resume. The celeb fitness trainer joins the roster of designers from Zac Posen and Thakoon, whose limited-edition luxe pieces are exclusively sold on Edition01.

Don’t expect Maxi dresses for summer. Anderson’s collection is devoted to workout leggings—and they’re not one-size-fits-all.

Each pair is designed to support the four body types that the celebrity trainer’s Metamorphosis program identifies and targets with specific workouts.

For example, if you’re Glutecentric, according to Anderson’s program, the leggings give additional support and compression to the glutes, hips, and butt during the workout. The Hipcentric tights have a hidden double layer to hold in outer thighs, while the Abcentric pair have a strong band to hold in the lower stomach and a slightly higher rise. Finally, the Omnicentric have elastic mesh paneling at the thigh, waist, and knee.

“The leggings are designed for your body type,” explains Anderson on Edition01, “and as you work on your problem areas through the workouts, the legging will help with the rest.”

Hopefully your wallet’s in good shape to help with the fittingly luxurious price: Each pair is $125. —Sharon Feiereisen

Tracy Anderson leggings