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Strong and sleek is not a contradiction—just ask Vie Active founder and CEO Noa Ries. The Australian-born designer behind the California-based brand has long been blending the two in her sweat-ready clothing line.

Take the brand’s signature fabric: It’s a patented blend (called F3 Compression, in case you want to pull that out at your next cocktail party) that feels like cotton, fits like a dream, and can withstand never-end wash cycles—all while also providing compression support, which Vie Active says will help reduce muscle injury and improve recovery time. (Key whether you’re training for a marathon or just really feeling yesterday’s barre class.)

Same goes for the prints, which convey power without being too in-your-face. “Our newest collection plays off of the juxtaposition of strength and grace, while celebrating the joy of movement that we use to influence our lives with each day,” Ries tells us. Think bold geometric designs with neutral colors, giving them a cool, understated feel.

“Delicate silhouettes meet textured prints, while bright pops of color combine with strong lines, creating a collection that can transition through any season and any workout with any woman.”

Appropriately named “The Joy of Movement,” the brand’s new spring collection is the go-to favorite of top fitness instructors—from Speir Pilates powerhouse Andrea Speirs to Studio MDR owner Lisa Hirsch—to Angelenos and New Yorkers alike. And despite a successful pop-up shop on Abbot Kinney and current in-store availability at Bandier in Flatiron, Vie Active doesn’t yet have its own plans for a permanent storefront. But we predict these chic prints are bound to set up a statement-making shop on one of the coasts in no time.

Until then, sometimes making a statement is as simple as wearing a head-to-toe print while running a sub-seven minute mile.

Scroll through to see Vie Active’s strong-but-sleek pieces for spring.
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Photo: Vie Active

Simone Bralette, $75

Taryn Crop, $98

Photo: Vie Active

Gabrielle Longline Racerback Sports Bra, $75

Rockell 7/8, $98

Photo: Vie Active

Gabrielle Longline Racerback Sports Bra, 75

Rockell 7/8, $98

Photo: Vie Active

Sage Sports Bra, $75

Taryn Crop, $98

Photo: Vie Active

Sage Racerback Bra with Overlay, $75

Taryn Crop, $98

Now that you’ve got your grab-and-go outfit ready, jazz up the look with boxer braids and a gym bag to make you LOL.

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