What’s your fitness fashion tribe?

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Photo: Jenna Cantagallo

Working out used to be the one time where you could forget about fashion in favor of your old, tattered-but-loved college tee. But with style-setters swapping their heels for sneakers and hipster clothing brands selling out of sweatpants like they’re Beyonce tickets, the treadmill at the gym is starting to look less like an oversized t-shirt club—and more like a runway.

And just as the fashion world has its cliques, so too does the sweaty world of wellness. (#healthgoth, anyone?) So, where do you fit in?

We woke up with the sun for early morning bootcamps, pulsed with the midday barre crowd, and ended our day with a group meditation (and a stiff, kombucha-accented drink), all in the name of research—and, after careful consideration, determined the most common fitness fashion tribes you’ll find out in the wild.

Keep reading to see them all—and figure out which one best describes you. (Maybe you’re a dance cardio diva with a dash of crosstraining trendsetter? Maybe you are a tribe all on your own—in which case share your tribe and wisdom with us in the Comments!)

These are the 7 biggest fitness fashion tribes in the wellness world (along with some spring shopping inspiration, to help you get outfitted).


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Photo: Jenna Cantagallo

1. Pointe Princess

Your life is like a good barre class: well-coordinated (and yeah, super girly). You have an eye for detail and enjoy the finer things in life, whether that’s an impeccably styled acai bowl or a pair of rose gold headphones. You don’t need warm weather to enjoy sipping on a glass of rosé at happy hour—although you’re definitely bummed out if you didn’t get enough likes on your photo of the view from the rooftop bar.

Wellness habitat: Barre and ballet class, any low-impact workout that packs a “seat”-toning punch, cold-pressed juice bars, Lululemon, the most-Instagrammed brunch spot of the moment.

Spring wardrobe:
Beyond Yoga Low Back Cami, $75
Athleta Cavallo Long Wrap, $108
No Ka’Oi Kolo Paneled leggings, $210
Pointe Studio Naomi socks, $12
Frends Layla Headphones, $150

Photo: Jenna Cantagallo

2. Crosstraining Trendspotter

From HIIT on ice to Tara Lipinski’s barre class, you’re the one who has tried out the latest buzzed-about class before your friends have even heard about it. That means you’re not committed to one single workout or studio (although you know who the it-instructor is at any given moment)—which makes it easier to nab a mat at the next big thing before there’s a waitlist. And you’re just as good at sniffing out fashion trends (you’ve already figured out how to style your sweat-friendly liquid leather leggings with your new Nike LunarEpics). The trendspotting doesn’t stop there, either—you were definitely rocking boxer braids way before the Kardashians.

Wellness habitat: Boutique fitness class and wellness center grand openings, celeb favorites (The Class, Speir Pilates), shopping online at Bandier and Carbon38, and constantly browsing the latest offerings on ClassPass.

Spring wardrobe:
Adidas by Stella McCartney Hooded Shell jacket, $225
Fendi Mesh-Paneled tank, $375
SukiShufu Black Foil Gloss leggings, $127
Nike Free 4.0 Flyknit, $120

Photo: Jenna Cantagallo

3. Dance Cardio Diva

Just because you love to listen to Top 40 and have fun with your workouts doesn’t mean you’re not serious about getting sweaty. You can squat it lower than anyone and pulse those weights foreeeever without skipping a beat—literally—all with a smile (and, let’s be honest, maybe a little bit of belting along to “Formation” as it plays on the studio sound system). In your closet, high-top sneakers outnumber heels, and you’ve been know to wear your sweat-wicking crop tops out to late-night clubs with friends. Your version of Christmas? Whenever a new Justin Bieber single comes out—you practically dream in dance sequences.

Wellness habitat: Tracy Anderson or Anna Kaiser online videos, Zumba at your local gym, and—let’s be real—showing off your latest moves every weekend at a dancefloor near you.

Spring wardrobe:
Sweaty Betty Dance Crop, $125
Alala Swell Crop Top, $75
H&M Joggers, $19.99
Reebok Hayasu, $89.99

Photo: Jenna Cantagallo

4. Mindful Meditator

Your day starts with a sun salutation and ends with a 20-minute meditation. You’ve named your yoga mat (either something really old-timey, like Frances, or super far-out like Starlight) and you’d much rather head outside for a long, nature-filled stroll than spend even 10 minutes in a fluorescently-lit gym. Most of the people you follow on Instagram are friends you made at Wanderlust. Your wardrobe is the definition of boho-chic—and you’re especially knowledgeable when it comes to eco-friendly clothing.

Wellness habitat: Soundbaths, local yoga and meditation centers, food coops, weekend farmers’ markets, any and all outdoor yoga classes.

Spring wardrobe:
Free People Long Beach Tank, $20
PrAna Roxanne Capri, $69
Yeti Yoga The Rowan Yoga Mat, $60
White Birkenstocks, $93

Photo: Jenna Cantagallo

5. Competitive Cruiser

Your workout motivation? Competition. You love a fast-paced, beat-driven spin class that keeps tabs on who’s riding hardest. Nothing makes you push yourself more than the sound of whirling bikes. You’re cool with team rides—as long as no one’s slacking off. (You might have lost a friend or two over this.) And yes, you’re definitely that person who, when you’re not on a bike, is side-eyeing the treadmill next to you to make sure that your pace is way faster. Needless to say, your workout wardrobe is all about bold, confident colors and pieces that will make sure you’re properly prepared for those endorphin-fueled rides (and a supportive sports bra is key).

Wellness habitat: Flywheel, Peloton’s virtual classes, the local matcha bar to keep you energized, fitness fashion sample sales.

Spring wardrobe:
Lucas Hugh Performance leggings, $220
Athleta Barre Up Sports Bra, $54
Under Armour muscle tank, $34.99
Asics sneakers, $80

Sweat-Junkie (1)
Photo: Jenna Cantagallo

6. Sweat Junkie

Stress, anxiety, work—whatever it is that makes you sweat, you deal with it by… sweating. Like, a lot. The toughest workouts? Yeah, you’ve mastered them all. Your local CrossFit box is your happy place. There’s no such thing as a too-early bootcamp class. You don’t just do yoga; you do hot yoga. It doesn’t surprise your friends: You’re just as focused in your day-to-day life, whether it’s running board meetings or taking over the planning of your high school friend’s bachelorette party. And no matter where you are or what you’re doing, you always have an insulated water bottle to keep you fully hydrated—and your trusty fitness tracker.

Wellness habitat: CrossFit, bootcamps, TRX, Bikram yoga, power-walking from meeting to meeting (generally with a Starbucks and an iPhone in hand).

Spring wardrobe:
Under Armour Studio Burn Muscle Tank Top, $39.99
Live the Process leggings, $130
Reebok Crossfit Nano 5.0 LTD, $129.98
Fitbit Surge, $249.95
HydroFlask Water Bottle, $36.95

Seasoned-Runner (1)
Photo: Jenna Cantagallo

7. Seasoned Runner

Running season? Yeah, that doesn’t exist in your world. From the most frigid winter days to insanely humid summer nights, you’ll be pounding the pavement (or occasionally the park trail or gym treadmill). Your apartment is filled with foam rollers, ice packs, and DIY chafing balms. Your Instagram feed is a steady stream of completed runs, and you’re such a pro when it comes to layers, sneakers, and gear that you should get a commission from all of the friends you’ve helped fit. Speaking of, you’re probably known for your loyalty, and are trusted by everyone from your BFF to your coworkers. When it comes to getting out, you’ve got your go-to spots (the smoothie bar knows your shake by heart)—because why mess with a good thing? Oh, and you never leave home without your tracker clocking your every move. 

Wellness habitat: Local running paths, parks, and tracks (basically anywhere with a freshly paved route and an endless supply of fresh air), the neighborhood favorite smoothie bar.

Spring wardrobe:
Moving Comfort Uprise Sports Bra, $48
Columbia Glacial Fleece Solid 1/2 Zip, $45
Athleta Sonar Capri, $69
Nike Tailwind Swift, $145
Brooks Transcend Running Shoe, $170

No matter your tribe, you need good sports bras—and these 10 (priced $30 and under) won’t break the bank.

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