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Yogasmoga is finally setting up shop in NYC

yogasmoga_new_yorkWhen Yogasmoga opened a pop-up store in New York City last summer, we totally predicted it maybe, possibly wouldn’t be such a temporary thing.

Now, less than a year later, it’s happening: We can exclusively announce that Yogasmoga is finally opening a permanent brick-and-mortar shop at 10 Bond Street in NoHo this spring.

The yoga-first activewear brand—viewed as a contender to become the next Lululemon—launched as an e-commerce site in 2013 and has since exploded to include 12 brick-and-mortar stores across the country (including outposts in New York City suburbs Greenwich, CT; White Plains, NY; and Short Hills, NJ). And although Yogasmoga is based in Manhattan, it’s never had an actual shopping location in its hometown.

That changes with the upcoming 1,600-square-foot space, which promises to have a chic downtown vibe—think raw but beautiful—thanks to starchitect Annabelle Seldorf. And in true “we’re more than just a store” fashion, there will also be a full roster of community events (expect everything from in-store workouts to visualization workshops, with plenty of green juice flowing) in the store’s “Next Door” lounge on the lower level of the building.

“New York City is part of our natural evolution as a company,” says Rishi Bali, Yogasmoga’s founder and CEO. “The location is an architectural marvel with a design that parallels our brand—perfect for introducing Yogasmoga to discerning New Yorkers.”

Though the yoga-centric shop won’t officially open until late spring, Yogasmoga is hosting an open-to-the-public event and preview of the space on February 18, as part of its third anniversary celebration. Now excuse us while we try to predict some lottery numbers… —Alison Feller

Guess who else is NYC-bound? Plan your budgets accordingly.

(Photo: Instagram/yogasmoga)