Our Wellness Goals Summed up in 7 Super Cozy Sweatshirts

Photo: Stocksy/Jesse Morrow
Look, it’s that time of the year when laziness can get the best of you. Chalk it up to frigid temps, short days, and plenty of quality content to get through in the Netflix and Hulu-verse, but the couch ever-so-sweetly calls your name in these months. And while it’s all good to lean into all that hygge can bring, it’s also never bad to have your wellness motto on lock for when things start to thaw.

Enter the wellness sweatshirt, which combines good intentions with an everyday winter staple for an uplifting and awe-inspiring effect. Looking to drink more water? Want to stay on the sunny side? A wellness motto sweatshirt can not only show the world you’re on team 8 ounces a day, it can also remind you to drink that H2O and stay positive in the first place. And research backs this up: One study shows that positive affirmations can help to safeguard from stress and put you on a path to goal attaining.

Plus, investing in a new sweatshirt can also help you break out of that winter fashion slump. Instead of grabbing that black V-neck sweater you've already worn twice this week, wear the sweatshirt with jeans and booties or skirt and tights and let your light shine. Here, 7 sweatshirts that will let you show the world your wellness motto.

Photo: J Crew

J.Crew x Charity: Water "Eau Yes" Crewneck Sweatshirt, $70

Oui! We all could probably be better at staying more hydrated, and this is a collab between J. Crew and a water non-profit organization is helping to remind you.

Photo: LNA

LNA Clothing Choose Happy Zip-Up, $158

Some situations make it hard to not get negative but it's important to adopt daily practices to keep your outlook hopeful. Put things that make you happy first on your to-do list. See friends, be creative, mediate, be charitable, or, like, pet a dog. Slipping this hoodie on will surely make you smile, the easiest way to flash those pearly whites.

Photo: Saturday School


Saturday School I Feel Love Sweatshirt, $88

No matter your relationship status, I think everyone can benefit from feeling the love. Throw on this sweatshirt and know it's true.

Photo: Project Social Morning

Project Social Morning Evening Workout Reversible Sweatshirt, $58

Don't pit your morning and evening workouts against one another, just flip your POV. As this reversible sweatshirt will remind you, there is never a wrong time to workout, so keep trying to figure out the best time for you. And if you venture outside for a run or class, you will have this to keep you warm.

Photo: Wildfox

Wildfox Totally Excellent Sweatshirt, $98

A lesson we all can use. Perfection does not exist. Excellent, amazing, and wonderful you are, and you can’t be everything to everyone. Wear this as often as you can to remind yourself that you are doing your best and to cut yourself some slack.

Photo: The Laundry

The Laundry Mode Airplane Mode Cozy Pullover, $78

There's never been better incentive than seeing that your screen time is up 30 percent since last week, so...leave it behind! Take a walk, connect with your friend, but whatever you do back away from the technology now and then.

Photo: Katie Kimmel

Katie Kimmel Mozzarella Sticks Sweatshirt, $40

Look, are mozz sticks healthy? Anah. But is life all about balance? It sure is. So when your "healthy" mantra sweat shirts are in the wash, this one is here for you, too.

I mean, I guess in the sunnier temps, you could pair these with some Birks if that's your thing or chunky sneakers work, too.

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