Whether You Love Leggings or Hate Them, You Need These Wear-Everywhere Lounge Pants, Like, Yesterday

Photo: Lively; Graphics: Well+Good Creative
My mom has always been my wide-legged pant fashion icon. She owns no less than five pairs that billow out into vibrantly-hued patterns, and she rocks the look on a regular basis. But even though I've admired her look since I could say the word "style," I've never quite nailed the Bohemian-casual OOTD myself—I was always a "wear leggings everywhere" kind of girl. All that changed, however, when Lively's The Lounge Pant ($45, sold in sizes XS-L) found its way into my closet, and gave my dozens of pairs of black leggings a real run for their money.

Lively designates the swooshy pants "leisurée," and the name is apt. They exude the kind of effortlessly chic vibes you see on the twisted streets of Paris, and come in pink, navy blue, and white for whatever mood may strike you. For casual work days, they pair simply with a favorite tee or turtleneck. And yes—they look 100 percent profesh in the office. But I've quickly found ways to wear them everywhere (and I mean everywhere) I go.

Because Lively's pants are made of 100 percent cotton, they add a level of comfort to every single situation. In September, I flew home for a wedding and had the most snuggly airplane ride of my life in the blush pair. Just last week, I wore the navy ones to yoga class and got no less than five compliments from my leggings-clad counterparts. And, of course, I would be remiss no to mention that I periodically wear them to bed with a tank top for a pajama set that doesn't make me break out in midnight sweats.

In short, the pants have all the versatility of a pair of black leggings, but with all the style of my motherRight now, you can snag two pairs of the pants for $80, or opt for a tank top-pant combo for the same price. And frankly, I highly, highly recommend treating yourself. After all, isn't being comfortable 24/7 the goal?

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