Everything About the Outdoor Voices X Madewell Collab Is Cute—but Honestly, I’m Here for the Tote

Photo: Outdoor Voices
When two brands we love collaborate with one another, it's like that time Mariah Carey and Boyz II Men blessed the airwaves with "One Sweet Day." Now that Outdoor Voices and Madewell have had an athleisure baby that takes the form of items like ready-to-sweat sets ($95), scrunchies ($10), and—my personal favorite—a sassy tote ($12), my wardrobe is ready to reap the rewards.

The collection could be placed next to the word "technicolor" in the dictionary. OV's signature colorblock sets adopt the cool grey, pink, and blue hues that Madewell devotees know and love. (And duh, there's a matching scrunchy in your color palette of choice.) You can also snag a T-shirt ($45) or a sweatshirt ($80) adorned with wave-like pattern if you're channeling a "surf's up!" kinda vibe.

Photo: Outdoor Voices

As I mentioned, I'm particularly smitten with the tote—a striped montage to both brands, which—if worn to Trader Joe's or thrown over a shoulder en route to the beach—is sure to spark envious double-takes. We're guessing the whole line is already selling like avocado toast, so if you want to get in on the sporty look, grab your (ca-yute!) tote and shop until the next Madewell x Outdoor Voices drop.

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