How to Best Use Malachite—AKA “the Botox of Crystals”

Photo: Instagram/@style_rituals
Crystals are usually touted for at least two benefits: their healing properties and their aesthetic-improving chicness. So when I came across an Instagram post from Style Rituals describing malachite (a beautiful green stone) as the "Botox of crystals," I was obviously intrigued.

According to Colleen McCann, the fashion stylist-turned-shaman who founded the buzzy digital brand, malachite's non-woo-woo uses include strengthening skin's natural defenses, acting as an sun-exposure-recovery ingredient, being antioxidant-rich, and fighting free radicals. It also contains "a high copper content that stimulates collagen production, which improves skin elasticity and combats wrinkles," she says (hence the Botox nickname). It's these properties that have led it to pop up in skin care like Tracie Martyn's Complexion Savior and a number of Sisley products.

"Malachite contains a high copper content that stimulates collagen production, which improves skin elasticity and combat wrinkles."—Colleen McCann

The overachieving stone does however have tons of woo-woo uses, too— reputedly assisting during times of transformation, transition, and change, and warding off negative events, which McCann deems helpful "just in case that one cousin is at Thanksgiving dinner this year."

And if you're traveling to a tropical locale or heading home for the holidays, the shaman says malachite can assuage a fear of flying and travel sickness. She adds that the crystal can be useful for the heart chakra, as it absorbs energy and heals emotions by drawing them to the surface.

Basically McCann says it's a perfect companion to fight holiday-season stressors, whether emotional, financial, or even physical. "This stone helps to increase balance and abundance, so you can feel calm over the next few months. It also heals on physical levels by drawing out impurities—so don't stress too much if you end up eating one too many cookies."

Has there ever been a better reason to start testing healthy Christmas-cookie recipes early?

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