Expressing Eco-Love in Your Dating Profile Might Actually Get You More Action

Photo: Stocksy/Bonninstudio
Sexy sustainability alert: Apparently, being a tree lover could be a serious turn-on! If you always have a non-disposable water bottle on hand and wouldn't dare show up at the grocery store without a reusable shopping bag, you're in luck: Not only are you saving the world (go, you!), but listing your environmental priorities in your dating profile could also get you more action, according to new survey results.

Zoosk surveyed 5,100 of its members and analyzed more than 123,000 dating profiles and found the environment is a high priority for singles. In fact, 78 percent of the people surveyed said they want to date someone who cares about the Earth's well-being.

Nearly 80 percent of people said they want to date someone who cares about the Earth's well-being.

Because of that, it really pays off in your soul-mate search to use your bio to your advantage. Mentioning your love of reusing things and your preference for all things organic, or that you simply "value the environment, nature, and the Earth" are major turn-ons—so much so that you could wind up with 82 percent more inbound messages, just for being all about that eco-friendly life. Other top attractive qualities? Picking up litter, being energy efficient, recycling, gardening, and shopping at farmers' markets.

So, get out there and keep huggin' those trees. According to this intel, your perfect match could be one chat about organic avocados and plastic-free oceans away.

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