This Warm Weather-Ready Drink Is About to Replace Your Unicorn Latte

Photo: Ella Dove for Well+Good

Even if you live nowhere near Brooklyn, chances are The End has popped up in your Instagram feed. This is, after all, the high-vibe cafe that's responsible for lighting the unicorn trend on fire. (Though its Ayurvedic cider latte is definitely worth trying, too.)

Since the rainbow-colored, nutrient-dense trend has arguably peaked—once Starbucks is on board, it's officially over, right?—The End is about to break the internet again with its latest drink, which you can officially order now. Behold, the merbabe latte.

"Two things that I love are strong females and the ocean," says co-owner Madeleine Murphy, adding that the function of the drink came first—even though, yes, it is uber-pretty.

"We wanted to make a drink that was empowering, fortifying, and nurturing for women's health on a hormonal, emotional, and spiritual level."

"We wanted to make a drink that was empowering, fortifying, and nurturing for women's health on a hormonal, emotional, and spiritual level," she says. "So we combined all the magical benefits of the marine that happen to be really great for women."

Here's the rundown of what its made with (drumroll...): marine collagen, schizandra berry, strawberry, dragonfruit, e3 live blue majik algae, kelp flakes, golden flax crumble, and vegan sprinkles. The iodine in the kelp flakes is said to be especially helpful for women dealing with adrenal fatigue or thyroid problems, while the schizandra berry's adaptogenic properties reputedly help lower stress levels and boost energy at the same time. And of course, the collagen is loaded with beauty benefits.

Since dragonfuit isn't grown in the US, making it tricky to find, Murphy tapped her food blogger friends living abroad in Australia and Bali to figure out how she could get her hands on it. "Social media has helped me find ingredients that otherwise would be really hard to hunt down," she says, adding that there are only two companies who supply it.

Murphy and co-founder Bret Caretsky named their enchanting concoction the merbabe because they wanted to evoke the best aspects of a mermaid—her fierceness and strength. "It's about feeling like you're healthy, looking good, and ready to take on the world," Murphy says. Consider the siren call officially sounded.

The End, 522 Metropolitan Ave., Brooklyn, NY, 11211, (347) 987-3954,

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