Missguided Is Using Diverse, Realistic Mannequins to Promote Body Positivity

Photo: Missguided
In theory, a mannequin's purpose is to help you imagine how that covetable garment (say, a Year of the Dog hoodie) would look on you, not on a hanger. But have you ever actually seen a mannequin that really looks like you? (I haven't.) Most of the time they are white, faceless (sometimes headless) objects that don't accurately mirror the human form. But British fashion brand Missguided is changing that with its just-announced #makeyourmark mannequins.

The new mannequins represent an array of races and have "imperfections" like stretch marks, freckles, and vitiligo.

The #makeyourmark mannequins, which have appeared in two of its United Kingdom stores so far, represent an array of races and have "imperfections" like stretch marks, freckles, and vitiligo. And, according to a statement the brand made to BuzzFeed, the mannequins are part of the Missguided's commitment to encourage shoppers "to be themselves, be comfortable in their own skin, celebrate their flaws, take risks, and own it."

In recent years, the retailer has become extremely committed to body realism and acceptance. Last year, it stopped photoshopping the images in its campaigns and product shots. Then it launched the editorial campaign Make Your Mark, which features diverse women who were not professional models but were activists, bloggers, and other inspiring boss babes (the new mannequins are an extension of this initiative). The photos proudly showcase perceived imperfections, like cellulite and stretch marks.

And while these new mannequins could stand to be cover more range regarding size, they are still a step in the right, inclusive, direction in which some high-fashion designers have already headed.

Remember that stretch marks are nothing to be ashamed of, so celebrate them with glitter. 

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