Binge-Watchers Were Super-Interested in Female-Fronted Shows on Netflix in 2017

Photo: Stocksy/Jojo Jovanovic
Spending a couple of hours (or six...) watching Netflix isn't exactly an activity reserved for the winter, but during the summer, you're more likely to be on a wanderlust-satisfying road trip or outside soaking up some vitamin D than crushing your current queue. Alternatively, the chilliest season tends to conjure cravings for draping yourself in cozy, hygge-appropriate blankets, staying in, and binge-watching the latest and greatest (or maybe vintage throwbacks!) with your #squad.

But have you noticed any trends among your recent Netflix habits? According to an annual report from High Speed Internet, which analyzed data from Google Trends, women not only run the world, but also your streaming game: The most googled (and probably watched, TBH) shows on Netflix of 2017 by state were largely female driven, according to the report.

Women's-prison-set dramedy Orange Is the New Black garnered the most search-engine traffic in 15 states, including Arizona, Florida, New Jersey, New York, and South Carolina. Gilmore Girls, the heartwarming show that essentially defines mother-daughter #goals, was the most googled show in Alabama and Wyoming. South Dakota was into family-friendly (and female-fronted) Fuller House, Texas and California preferred #bossbabe-led Ingobernable, and The OA and Glow were most popular shows in Pennsylvania and Rhode Island, respectively.

If 2017 taught us anything, it's that women are strong and resilient IRL—but they also make pretty badass, complex, and intriguing onscreen heroes (or, in the case of OITNB, mostly anti-heroes) about whom nearly half the states in the nation are most curious. Sounds like a solid reason to keep the binge-watching session going, all hygge season long, right?

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