Pinterest’s Top Fashion Trends for 2019 Show That Wellness Is on the Rise

Photo: Stocksy/Javier Diez
In 2018, leggings stopped being doubted as pants, sneakers proved they can be rocked with gym clothes and girly dresses, and once-dusty fanny packs basically became a wardrobe staple... again. So it's no wonder why some of Pinterest's top fashion searches feature plenty of activewear and streetwear, proving just how hot wellness is right now—and how its popularity is only going to increase in the new year.

In the just-released Pinterest 100—the platform's fifth annual round-up of what its hundreds of millions of users are searching for—many potential top new fashion trends emerged for 2019. Sure, bamboo bags, tortoise earrings, and oval sunglasses made an appearance. But there was also plenty of room for athleisure, starting with something Kim Kardashian single-handedly brought back from the '90s: Spandex bike shorts.

According to Pinterest, the searches for "biker shorts" increased by 1,323 percent with pins that proved people love rocking them in workouts just as often as they do out and about as a statement piece. (Obvi paired with some high socks and sneakers.) Speaking of sneakers, it's time to venture beyond the classic plain white style: The searches for "statement sneakers" have increased by 2,211 percent with users looking for more eye-catching and colorful options. From pastel to sparkles, the options are endless.

It's not just specific pieces people are interested in, though—it's also how they're made. Over the past year, some of the biggest designers have put in the effort to become more sustainable and socially responsible—so much so that faux fur coats are a major trend this winter. In the same vein, a more eco-friendly style is also on the rise with searches for "sustainable fashion" increasing by 34 percent. That doesn't just include using more recycled materials, but also taking advantage of rentable looks—two things that can have you looking your best without harming the planet.

If this data is any indication, it's safe to say 2019 is going to be a great year for your closet.

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