The New Activewear Collection Infused With Jade and Fish Collagen

Photo: ONU

Harry Potter's Sorcerer's Stone might be a work of fiction, but jade is starting to feel like its real-life equivalent. Up until recently we thought of jade mostly in terms of jewelry, although as we (and the Kardashians) recently discovered, it's a great skin-care tool. Now, it's about to become one of the most versatile fashion and clothing materials.

Today sportswear and athleisure brand ONU launches its third collection, using a number of didn't-know-you-could-make-clothing-with-that materials—like fish collagen, as well as jade.

The line was inspired by cobogos, a hollow, geometric element used in Brazilian architecture, which allows air and light to pass while minimizing heat.

For each collection ONU taps a new designer and with that comes new innovation. This time it's Brazilian designer Karina Kulig Wolff, who according to the brand, was inspired by cobogos, a hollow, geometric element used in Brazilian architecture, which allows air and light to pass while minimizing heat.

To capture this lightness for the collection, ONU created two new fabrics, Arlyte (which has a blend of nanoized jade infused into it) and Umorfil (a biodegradable fiber sourced from recycled fish scales). Umorfil offers UV protection and moisture management—with none of the fish-iness—and Arlyte is kind of like a wearable air conditioner since it reputedly dissipates heat quickly while also reflecting the sun's rays, the brand says.

Jade and fish collagen do not come cheap, however. The six-piece women's collection (which includes everything from a bomber to an open-back dress) runs from $125 to $395, not exactly pocket change. On the plus side, your post-workout brunch conversation is built-in. (Two words: fish scales.)

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