Microbags Are Great, but This New Supersized Tote Trend Has Stolen My Heart and All My Money

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I have a confession: I was one of the kids who had a rolling backpack in middle school. I know. But at the time, I liked it because it was practical. Why haul all my books and notepads around—oh yeah, I was also the kid who took all her books to every class—when I could conveniently roll them behind me in the world's nerdiest suitcase?

While my tastes have become decidedly less practical in other areas of my life, I'm still prone to carrying around literally everything I own when I go anywhere. For obvious reasons, the microbag trend that's been happening doesn't work for me. And now, the pendulum is beginning to swing back toward the opposite: giant bags that can hold your entire life in them. Brands like Jacquemus—who debuted a teeny, tiny microbag last year—sent huge totes down the spring 2019 runway. And then there's the Dior Book Tote that's been blowing up all over Instagram—plus, the Bottega Veneta Maxi Cabat, which takes the trend to the extreme.

I'm here for it. All of it. I basically want the equivalent of an Ikea bag when I buy a tote. I want to need a flashlight to find that one specific lip balm among the 24 lip balms buried at the bottom of my bag. I need snacks. Maybe a La Croix. Probably some workout clothes. Definitely, a bag containing concealer, blush, bronzer, highlighter, powder, and mascara in case I need a touch up during the day due to random photoshoot (i.e. I decided I wanted someone to take my picture for Instagram) or there's a cute guy with a dog at WeWork. You never know what life is going to throw at you. You need to be prepared. So really, these bags are super practical. But, thankfully, they do not have wheels.

Here, 9 oversized totes so you, too, can carry around everything you own.

Staud Shirley Bag Clear Camel Croc Embossed, $210

If you want to try out a clear bag without giving people a close look into your personal life, this tote from Staud comes with a removable pouch. I, personally, will be carrying this bag sans pouch so everyone can see the story of how together my life is, as told by the assortment of CVS receipts, pennies, and Gaia Calm A.S.A.P. supplements lining the bottom.

Just kidding, I will definitely be using the pouch.

Cuyana Wide Strap Tote, $195 

My work bag got lost in my move to my new apartment, so there was a sad period of time where I was using my army green backpack (not a rolling one, to be clear) to schlep around my laptop etc. It got to the point where my friend would beg me to leave it behind when we would go into a bar for after-work happy hour. I finally upgraded to this tote, which is super simple and sleek. Also, the wide shoulder strap prevents the weight of your belongings from digging into your shoulder.

Madewell The Transport Tote, $168 

As the name suggests, this tote was made for transportation. The leather is soft but retains its structure even after you've pushed it to its fill limits.

Alienina Bea Woven Cotton Tote, $215 

I turned into the heart eyes emoji when I first looked upon this bag. I want to write it love letters. It's a smidge smaller than the other totes on this list, but I have confidence in my ability to fill it with all the things. Also, it's made in Italy from recycled sailing and climbing cords.

Parker Clay Entoto Zipped Tote, $238 

This bag is made from ethically-sourced leather—the company employs women in Ethiopia in order to help them become financially independent. It's spacious and great for a plane carry-on because, unlike some other totes, it has a zipper.

Matt & Nat Schlepp, $135

This bag is roomy enough to hold all my life possessions—like if the bag Hermione put an undetectable extension charm on was made out of vegan leather and recycled plastic bottles. (Note: the pink color isn't available until March 15, but it comes in black, brown, and cream that you can purchase now.)

Mansur Gavriel Oversized Tote, $695

You will have to dig through this bag for five minutes to find your keys, and I mean that as a compliment. The question is not whether you want this beautiful, unstructured oversized tote. It's which of the eight colors to buy.

Nisolo Lori Tote, $168 

Handmade in an ethical factory in Peru, this slouchy bag comes in six different neutral colors.

Mar Y Sol Tulum Tote, $139

It's currently raining in LA, but I'm going to use this scalloped straw bag to pretend that it's summer and I'm by a pool sipping margaritas, instead of on my couch and covered in three blankets.

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