Want Your Pet to Join Your Honeymoon Because of Separation Anxiety? You’re Not Alone

Photo: Stocksy/Duet Postscriptum
Planning your honeymoon is all sorts of exciting until you look over and see some sad, literal puppy dog eyes staring back at you. The thought of leaving your furry bestie behind while you jet off on a romantic getaway can be truly heartbreaking and guilt-inducing, and if your separation anxiety starts kicking in before you even book your tickets, you're not alone.

Last November, the Dubai-based airline Emirates surveyed 4,400 adults in the United States who travel internationally on a regular basis and found that 11 percent said they would totally bring their dog along on a romantic vacation. And, 52 percent of those people point to a super-relatable explanation for the precious-cargo carry-on: they'd simply miss their four-legged companion too much if they left them at home.

Survey results found that 11 percent of people said they would totally bring their dog along on a romantic vacation.

And honestly, since your dog's opinion might've played an important role in both picking your lifelong S.O. and the wedding itself, it would be kind of weird not to have your furry plus one on the honeymoon. Plus, what's a romantic walk on the beach without your pup splashing around? Not nearly as dreamy, that's what.

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